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[Download The Friend Its Just Us Here #1] ePUB AUTHOR Christopher X. Sullivan – PDF, Kindle & DOC Online

  • Kindle Edition
  • 309
  • The Friend Its Just Us Here #1
  • Christopher X. Sullivan
  • English
  • 07 May 2018
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Christopher X. Sullivan í 4 Read

Free read Í The Friend Its Just Us Here #1 Y then jump in at Book Four of this self portrait The Lover Otherwise come along for the ride and meet the man who would sweep me off my feet Mark Wolff one of the top ten most self absorbed men in the whole world NOTE This book is a 95000 word romantic self portrait featuring the beginnings of a ueer relationship It is the first book of a trilogy which is itself part of a larger trilogy Low heat for now I don't think we need trigger warnings for this book but future installments might warrant them Maybe that can serve as enough of a warning Warning this book if full of life. I wanted to read just a few pages to see how I would feel about it because I don t usually read memoires but I ended up finishing it the same dayI found the story very engaging and I l

Free read à PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook í Christopher X. SullivanThe Friend Its Just Us Here #1

Free read Í The Friend Its Just Us Here #1 G Well and kinda right I'm Chris and this is my story It's not a traditional romance This is my version of a Happily Ever After which means Mark and I became great friends and that's it Mark and I end this first installment of my self portrait in a ueer Platonic Relationship There was cuddling and emotional closeness but nothing remotely sexual at least not to my mind Mark obviously wanted and he would eventually get it but this book Book One of It's Just Us Here would have been my perfect ideal romance If you need banging and crazy monkey sex to keep your interest in a stor. 5 StarsI ll start off by linking my review for The Book of Beginnings which is where I started on my journey with Mark and Chris and became hooked Fangirling is probably accurate

Download The Friend Its Just Us Here #1

Free read Í The Friend Its Just Us Here #1 An asexual man meets a male model and slowly falls in love Mark the model has not been challenged in his life and is emotionally withdrawn He returns to Chicago in the hopes of reconnecting with his college friends but everyone has moved on without him starting families and growing up Chris the writer is socially awkward and introverted He actively tries to be as invisible as possible The two men meet one day in Chris' favorite park and strike up a friendship Since this is written as a romance you probably have a pretty good idea where the story goes from there You'd be wron. Now LIVE on I m going to get very serious with this review I already said in The Book of Beginnings It s Just Us Here that Chris s life story is affecting me deeply like a mirror