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Philip Caputo ☆ 1 FREE DOWNLOAD CHARACTERS ↠ M1O.RU ☆ Philip Caputo CHARACTERS The Voyage 901 Cyrus Braithwaite orders his three sons to set sail from their Maine home aboard the family's forty six foot schooner and not return until September Though confused and hurt by their father's cold blooded actions the three brothers soon rise to the occasion and embark on a breathtakingly perilous journey This book has one foot in the present following a women trying to fill in the gaps of an old family history and another foot in the past telling that old story of three brothers mysteriously sent to sea for the summer by a stern and unfathomable father Although other reviewers were impatient with that distraction I found the book much richer and interesting because of the author s weaving of the coming of age seafaring tale with the modern uest trying to piece together the buried story and understand the family character from which it sprang

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The Voyage

Philip Caputo ☆ 1 FREE DOWNLOAD CHARACTERS ↠ M1O.RU ☆ Philip Caputo CHARACTERS The Voyage In the tradition of great seafaring adventures The Voyage is an intricately plotted superbly detailed and gripping story of adventure and courage Pulitzer Prize winning author Philip Caputo has written a timeless novel about the dangerous reverberating effects of long held family secretsOn a June morning in 1 With high expectations I began The Voyage but disappointment soon set in The first 300 hundred pages were a real slog If I hadn t recently purchased a small sailboat and was in the mood for some ye olde sailing terminology of which there is an over abundance I would have scuttled the book 12 way throughThe first 34 reads like a cross between Life on the Mississippi and Old Yeller substitute the sailboat for the dog Badly in need of editing This part I give 2 starsOnce the hurricane hits the writing becomes concise and the book became engaging until the final chapter 4 stars for this sectionThe final chapter sums up family history which is introduced throughout the first half of the book in a very dis

Philip Caputo ☆ 1 FREE DOWNLOAD

Philip Caputo ☆ 1 FREE DOWNLOAD CHARACTERS ↠ M1O.RU ☆ Philip Caputo CHARACTERS The Voyage Down the East Coast headed for the Florida KeysAlmost one hundred years later Cyrus's great granddaughter Sybil sets out to uncover the events that transpired on the voyage Her discoveries about the Braithwaite family and the America they lived in unfolds into a stunning tale of intrigue murder lies and decei I will start first off with the rating I gave this four stars because it is such a well put together novel it is challenging as there are for example a lot of technical boating terms as much of the story takes place on the schooner It is also challenging because there is a darkness throughout the story It starts with Cyrus the father of three boys Nathaniel 16 years old Eliot something of a wit 15 and Drew the scholar 13 sends them off on his beloved schooner the Double Eagle telling them not to return home or go to Boston where his wife their mother has gone for a medical procedure until school is scheduled to begin again in September that is for the entire summer For Cyrus it is a d

  • Paperback
  • 432
  • The Voyage
  • Philip Caputo
  • English
  • 02 December 2018
  • 9780679768395