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Little Gods

free read Little Gods 106 Before she left China and Yongzong the father Liya has never known In this way a portrait of Su Lan emerges an ambitious scientist an ambivalent mother and a woman whose relationship to her own past shapes and ultimately unmakes Liya’s own sense of displacemen. This was an elegant story about a young woman trying to understand her parents after her mother s death She returns to China to also try to find her father The author plays a bit with time and perspective but these aspects weren t as fully developed as I would have liked Actually a lot of the book could have been fleshed out but I really liked the writing and the concept for the story 35

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free read Little Gods 106 On the night of June Fourth a woman gives birth in a Beijing hospital alone Thus begins the unraveling of Su Lan a brilliant physicist who until this moment has successfully erased her past fighting what she calls the mind’s arrow of timeWhen Su Lan dies unexpe. As I sit down to write this review I m struggling a bit because I m trying to figure out what my feelings are toward this book Normally when I read a book I will either gravitate towards one side or another in terms of liking the book or not liking it interestingly enough this is actually one of those rare instances where I feel ambivalent and perhaps if I m being honest not really sure how to react While there were definitely things that I appreciated about this book such as the historical and cultural references which I thought were incorporated seamlessly throughout the story there were an eual amount of things that made the reading experience a bit exhausting than I would ve liked The structure of the narrative is uniue in that even though the main charact

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free read Little Gods 106 Ctedly seventeen years later it is her daughter Liya who inherits the silences and contradictions of her life Liya who grew up in America takes her mother’s ashes to China Liya’s memories are joined by those of two others Zhu Wen the woman last to know Su Lan. Overall I liked this book a lot This is Meng Jin s debut novel so I hope there is of writing to come in the futureYou can get a synopsis of the book from Goodreadsthe one thing that I liked was her description of certain concepts of physics The passage of time we normally think of as moving one way and she discussed through physics that is not necessarily so She did not use high faluting terms so as to discombobulate the reader who does not have a degree in physics The layout of the novel is first person narrative of different protagonists with one protagonist having one chapter and another protagonist having a different chapter It for the most part works out well What I also liked the character of Su Lan pretty much the main protagonist of the book I expected her at a cert