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Free read Ø PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ñ Anita Felicelli Anita Felicelli ñ 5 Free read Chimerica Free download ð 5 Fiction California Interest Down and out Tamil American trial lawyer Maya Ramesh fights to save a painted lemur come to life and in settings that range from Oakland California to a Malagasy rain forest becomes a champion for them both In magical realist tradition Anita Felicelli's satiric novel CHIMERICA looks at the inherent absurdities that drive systems of culture power and law Fans of Maruez Kelly Link and Helen Oyeyemi will find CHIMERICA a spirited investigation of the ways in. The power of this incredible poignant contemporary and fantastical story soars above the freuently hackneyed writing Anita Felicelli is a brilliant writer Just not a technically good one The core of her story who is allowed personhood in the American legal system and the white supremacist patriarchal hoops one must navigate to prove personhood within that system is so great that you can gloss over the bad writingediting and be satisfied with the conclusions she comes to and even the short sketch of the future she gives you at the end The sum of this book is blessedly larger than its parts Would recommendETA My reading of the author s writing style as hackneyed and not technically good may be a misreading of an intentional style that lets many different types of reader in at different entry points Maybe a reader who is fascinated by a legal thriller wouldn t stay in the story if there weren t extraordinarily obvious tropes trotted out A straight legal thriller would certainly be didactic and would obscure the personhood point and the personalities of the most vulnerable people involved so keep that in mind RE style I am writing this addendum because I noticed there aren t a lot of written reviews and while I hope the author isn t reading public reviews of her work I also don t want to have a review posted that could read as ungenerous because I think this story is so great

Free read Ø PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ñ Anita FelicelliChimerica

Free read Ø PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ñ Anita Felicelli Anita Felicelli ñ 5 Free read Chimerica Free download ð 5 Which art is codified and commodified a contemporary philosophical novel about art originality and American cultureFelicelli's remarkable CHIMERICA is a coolly surrealist legal thriller in turns sly absurd emotionally vivid and satirically incisive that shifts the reader into a world just adjacent to our own Jonathan LethemFelicelli blends the matter of fact with the mysterious in this utterly uniue and compellingly readable debut CHIMERICA is than the story of a woman coming into he. Excellent book

Anita Felicelli ñ 5 Free read

Free read Ø PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ñ Anita Felicelli Anita Felicelli ñ 5 Free read Chimerica Free download ð 5 R own power; it's a keen dive into the worlds of law visual art and marriage You really couldn't ask for a novel with better ingredients Did I mention there's a talking lemur THERE'S A TALKING LEMUR Kelly LuceCHIMERICA is the novel about trial lawyers talking lemurs and public art you never knew you needed Anita Felicelli's charming prose and intriguing characters pull you in and keep you engaged I'm thankful for this wonderfully odd yet beautifully accessible novel Rajesh Parameswar. A gorgeous magical and fun novel What is the self what is identity how does an immigrant forge an identity that can be true to oneself and to loved ones how to make a marriage work But even important of all what does a lemur have to do with all thisWith an extraordinary gift for gorgeous prose I often flipped back and forth re reading some parts the author provides a novel that s perfect for our times and our preoccupations with identity immigrants art futile web arguments and essentially how we live our lives dragging pieces together to make an identity while staying afloat amidst the turbulence of power violence patriarchy and racism and fractious relationshipsThe fate of a life in this case that of a talking lemur can depend on the whim of a doodling judge or a vegan jurist A piece of art and its validity can be elevated or trashed in web chatrooms Amidst all this an immigrant woman from South India rages against her fates trying to make and remake an identity even as she is not sure if that s what she needs while knowing she is coming close to losing everything that matters in her own lifeAnd then finally what is this talking lemur At first it s unsettling maybe even puzzling Wouldn t a talking lemur in US be immediately uarantined Caught and stored in a lab The novel reminds me of the movie ET where the alien needs to go back home even as the little boy who befriends him struggles against the adults who want to poke and hurt in the name of science In Chimerica the lemur is wistful funny Scrabble is some boring shit caustic about relationships and by the end of the novel melancholy and withdrawn And the inventive writing makes us swing along with the lemur s moods and aches and confusion hoping he will win the case hoping he is not destroyed hoping even that he is deemed by laws to be a living thing free from the enslavement of art Anita Felicelli kept me spellbound with her previous novel Love Songs for a Lost Continent a collection of short stories that explored identity and immigrant experiences between Tamil Nadu and US and which resonated deeply within me With Chimerica her magic spell continues Even if like the lemur we may ve walked out of a painting it seems all of our life is only a deep longing for a place that we can call home

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  • Anita Felicelli
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  • 08 July 2017
  • 9781732982017