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free download Brothersong T.J. Klune Å 3 review review Brothersong Ö eBook or Kindle ePUB In the ruins of Caswell Maine Carter Bennett learned the truth of what had been right in front of him the entire time And then it he was gone Desperate for answers Carter takes to the road leaving family and the safety of his pack behind all in the name of a man he only knows as a feral wol. 25 stars This is an extremely difficult review for me to write so much so that I don t even want to do it I mean did being in uarantine during Covid break my brain How could I not love the final book in the Green Creek series I feel like crying right now and it s not from the emotional ending to BrothersongBrothersong has a sea of positive raving reviews from my friends and I got warnings about you ll be crying your eyes out but I finished the book feeling well like nothing much at all I enjoyed it but I have to say I feel epically disappointed Here is my honest spoiler free breakdown I found the first part of the book to be confusing The story in the beginning feels like you are reading it from underwater It s all blurry and gloomy and muddled and the writing is purposefully vague and dark I had a very hard time with it At first it was interesting to me a stylistic choice from TJ Klune that I was excited to try out but then it just got flat out difficult to read There was so much going on so much just thrown at us with lots of uestions that I didn t feel were answered that I felt just lost There are too many time jumps The book flashes back a lot in time and while a few of those are okay I kept having to reorient myself and remind myself of what was going on and where I was in time All of those flashbacks felt like clutterThere wasn t enough focus on the romance between Carter and Gavin I wish they had their own book prior to this final story because I felt like the romance was suashed in between the wrap up for the series I truly didn t feel the love between these two guys and that saddened me There wasn t a lot of page time with just Carter and Gavin together and I didn t feel like the romance was nearly as strong as the other pairings in the book Gavin needed time to show his entire personality IMO I really didn t feel like I knew Gavin as much as I needed to And Carter Carter He had so much potential based on his personality in the other books and I fell like it was barely shown here There is too much page time with secondary characters I feel like it was a everyone in the pot situation Even minor characters got their chance in the sun and it made the book feel unfocused for me I wish there were times where Carter and Gavin got to shine just the two of them The story is very long and very plot heavy but the middle dragged on and on for me It is extremely unusual for me to take three days to read a TJ Klune book but here we are No I don t only have negative things to say about this story I could see TJ Klune s passion in Brothersong and his deep love of these characters I felt like he really tried to show EVERYTHING in this book the love between brothers the love between mates the love between pack and the love between family Every character gets a lot of page time and I feel like TJ was trying to send them off in the best way possible I don t know I must be broken BROKEN I didn t cry I didn t feel overly emotional I felt sort of nothing And isn t that sad I love these characters and this series so it makes me feel truly upset that this book didn t touch me It might be my mood it might be the length of the story it might have been a combination of things but alas that is life It isn t a bad book but it didn t make me feel like I was expecting to feel Green Creek I will miss you and your fantastically gay werewolves even if this story wasn t a 5 star read for me TJ Klune wrote a powerful memorable awesome emotional series and I ll remember it for always packpackpack foreverCopy provided in exchange for an honest review goodreads instagram twitter blog

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free download Brothersong T.J. Klune Å 3 review review Brothersong Ö eBook or Kindle ePUB Ds will change the course of the wolves forever Because Gavin’s history with the Bennett pack goes back further than anyone knows a secret kept hidden by Carter’s father Thomas Bennett And with this knowledge comes a price the sins of the fathers now rest upon the shoulders of their son. Green Creek is one of my favorite series of all time and TJ Klune is my favorite author so I was really excited about this book And a bit sad because I d have to say goodbye to these amazing characters But mostly excited I still can t believe I got to read this I was dying to have a whole book from a Bennett s POV and Carter is my favorite Bennett so I was literally in heavenBrothersong follows the events right after Heartsong so of course you have to read the previous books in order to read this one This book wasn t what I was expecting It was better Like way better It made me so happy I mean don t worry angst lovers you ll get your share and I don t want to say much just go just go and you ll have a lot of surprisesSpeaking of surprises something surprising or not was how much I liked Thomas Bennett yeah I know many people dislike him and even though I couldn t agree with some of his choices he really loved his family and oh that was one of the parts that hurt Something not so surprising though was how much Carter Bennett loved his brothers it was such a powerful love his bond with Kelly especially beautiful simply beautiful The three of them these brothers and the love they have for each other My heart ached reading about it it was magnificent Another thing I can say is because of this book I have a new favorite character and he is the best boy in this entire universe I m not even kidding I m sure everyone will love him just as much It was the ending of a great series it was the end I wanted and hoped and I can t thank TJ enough for this But I ll try to thank him anyway So thank you for this book thank you for this series I ve learned a lot with these characters about family friendship and love All types of love About bonds people can form with each other and how strong they are I feel Brothersong was about love in every shape and form and I love this book dearly I ve met amazing people because of these books it s crazy how it really improved my life Honestly this story is so important to me and I m so glad it had the end it deserved Their no our song will always be heardThis ARC was provided by the author

T.J. Klune Å 3 review

free download Brothersong T.J. Klune Å 3 review review Brothersong Ö eBook or Kindle ePUB F But therein lies the danger wolves are pack animals and the longer Carter is on his own the his mind slips toward the endless void of Omega insanity But he pushes on following the trail left by Gavin Gavin the son of Robert Livingstone The half brother of Gordo Livingstone What Carter fin. When I tell you this book made me cry a lot I don t think that is going to come across in a way that you ll understand until you read this book I shed tears I wept I held back sobs Over and over again I don t know what it is about this author and his ability to wreck me us with his words but oh god Prepare youself for devastation for beauty for heartbreak for healing for sadness for uiet moments everything We weren t Ox and Joe Or Kelly and Robbie Or even Gordo and Mark though the fuck you vibe was apparently a family traitI can t really say anything about this beyond that Not only is BROTHERSONG a seuel but it s an end For us Whether something new might begin Who is to say So many songs have been sung along the way from wolves to ravens to hearts and brothers This series is about bonds formed out of blood or built out of friendship connection and the fact that I m tearing up as I write this when I should long have run out of tears says it all Three years One month Twenty six days I lived through that I lived through the thirteen months it took for us to get spoiler for book three back I saw firsthand what happened with Mark and Gordo And then you decided to what Be wholly original and leave tooWhoa That was a bitchy thing to say Go OxI reread the books leading up to this thinking I needed it all fresh in my mind needed to once again be close to these characters before I could say goodbye and while I m sure many Klunatics are doing so It s not needed So much of this book hashes out previous events prior wrongs in an attempt to come together to finally do than just apply bandages on still lingering wounds so they can let go and face this big conflict that might be the end of them This family this pack packpack has so much baggage and Klune makes them work through it It can be agonizing at times to go through it over and over again to see the same choices lead to the same mistakes but it s utterly human for all that these characters are mostly not Will sit your ass down and leave my customers aloneI m his constituent I have a right to know what s going on in my local government especially when it involves shape shifters Huh Of all the sentences that have ever come out of my mouth that one was the strangestIs it perfect If I were to reread it would I award it full marks or would I downgrade like I did on my WOLFSONG revisit Hard to say But right now It gets everything Not just because I cried an ocean but because I couldn t tear myself away In a time when even when I m loving a book I m still occasionally distracted reaching for my phone I didn t do that once The only moments I stepped away were to blow my nose seriously the crying it was ridiculous so I mean there were a lot of those moments But it was impossible to look away for anything else Don t take the chance that he ll always be there We must remember to say what s in our hearts aloud because we can never know if it ll be the last time we ll ever get the chanceI can t wait for this book to be out in the world I can t wait for all the longtime fans to get their paws on it I feel so lucky to have read this early particularly as I m rather new to this world but I promise you it s worth the wait You know the drill by now you ll laugh you ll cry you ll do both at the same time you ll break apart only to be stitched back together Again and again Because that s how it goesPackpackpack 4ever I received an ARC from the author thank you in exchange for an honest review This review can also be found at A Take From Two Cities

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