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Lionboy The Truth

Lionboy The Truth Free read · 102 Zizou Corder ✓ 2 Read Ly the entire cast of the LIONBOY trilogy find themselves on a Caribbean island the home of the sinister Corporacy Can Charlie bring the story to a triumphant conclusion by vanuishing the Corporacy and ridding the world of its nefarious scheme. In the beginning of the book called Lion Boy this boy named Charlie had two parents who where professors And they where a happy family There was something special about Charlie that he soon discovers One day he comes home to find out that his parent have been kidnapped He ventures out to rescue them When he does this he hears this strange voice talking to him He finds out that it was a cat that was talking to him The cat was telling him that his parents had been kidnapped His mom had left him a note that didn t seem at all like the way she usually wrote charlie goes off with Rafi a strange character he doesn t really trust so he manages to run away in the night Charlie goes to the dock and jumps on a police launch He then transfers to another bigger boat Amazingly enough this turns out to be a circus boat There are lions on the boat and he is able to understand what they are talking about Charlie realizes that it s not only cats he can understand but also lions and probably other animals too This circus boat is going to France where the first show will be The head of the circus Mr Tib sees how good Charlie is with the lions and makes him the lion boy which is the title of the book Suddenly a young lion tells Charlie an amazing secret that his parents are being held prisoner on a submarine heading for Paris There are exciting adventures that follow I don t want to say how the book ends I liked this book a lot First of all I would really love to ba able to talk to animals myself especially my two kitty cats at home I m sure they would have a lot to say Right now I just have to guess what they re thinking Second it s an exciting adventure and you can t wait to find out what happens next Finally the book has a lot of compassion The lions are very kind to Charlie and try to help him to find his parents And Charlie listens to their problems and is very understanding Charlie could have been very lonely without his mother and father but the cats and the lions are good company The book has a dramatic conclusion and I was sorry when it it ended

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Lionboy The Truth Free read · 102 Zizou Corder ✓ 2 Read At the end of LIONBOY THE CHASE Charlie Ashanti has restored the lions to their home in the wilds of Morocco and been reunited in the port town of Essaouira with his parents Magdalen and Aneba But just as Charlie is beginning to think that his. I finally read this book after it had been sitting on my to read list for almost 8 years I purchased a copy after looking for years in charity shops and not finding one Now I know how the story ends I enjoyed the story mostly because there was cats and we got to hear their thoughts The triology was definitely an adventure and I m glad I read it

Summary Ú PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ Zizou Corder

Lionboy The Truth Free read · 102 Zizou Corder ✓ 2 Read Adventures might be over who should reappear but the nasty lion tamer Maccomo and the raffish Rafi Before he knows it Charlie has been kidnapped once again and is in the hold of a ship bound he knows not where All is not lost however Eventual. The story is set in England in the future The US is called The Empire and it s evil There are very few cars because the world has run out of oil The main character s parents have been kidnapped because they have discovered the cure for asthma but the large drug corporations are afraid they won t be able to sell asthma medications any Cats are especially keen on a cure for asthma for obvious reasons and the main character can speak Cat which is very handy especially if you run away to the circus and work with the lion tamer and make friends with the lions and help them escape and get to meet the King of Bulgaria on the old restored Orient Express Whew I haven t read many children s book series books but is it normal to end a series book in the middle of exciting action I think that s unfair That s why I uit watching Lost They can string you along forever and ever and never even wrap up earlier conflicts Anyway the good thing about that tactic is that I told the kids I wouldn t read any of these Lion Books out loud to them and if they wanted to find out what happened they d have to read the next book themselves I m joining the evil marketing people at the publishing company by using this tactic Just like the evil people who sell asthma medication There s so much evil in the world

  • Hardcover
  • 273
  • Lionboy The Truth
  • Zizou Corder
  • English
  • 10 August 2019
  • 9780141380544