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Signature Killers

Signature Killers review ↠ 103 In a real life scenario straight out of The Silence of the Lambs Robert Keppel went one on one with the notorious serial killer Ted Bundy who advised Keppel on the detective's highly publicized search for the elusive Green River Killer Bundy's chilling revelations were chronicled in The Riverman a page turner Ted Montgomery Detroit News praised by Ann Rule as the definitive book on serials But Ted Bundy wasn't the first killer of his kind or the last Signature KillersThey leave tel. The only part of this book I liked was the foreword The rest of it was repetitive just one example apparently one of the killers blood types belongs to only 13% of the population A fact the author told us a minimum of 3 times within one chapter and frustratingly uninteresting What I very often dislike about non fiction books is that authors always seem to struggle to remove themselves from the subject matter Often their opinion just seems to creep in when I would really like an impartial retelling Maybe I m being too ambitious in this thought I probably wouldn t mind hearing an author s opinion if it wasn t so obnoxious and big headed

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Signature Killers review ↠ 103 L explores in unflinching detail the monstrous patterns sadistic compulsions and depraved motives of this breed of killer From the Lonely Hearts Killer who hunted the most desperate of women in 1950s America to the savage Midtown Torso Murders that stunned the NYPD to such infamous symbols of evil as Jeffrey Dahmer Ted Bundy and John Gacy these are the cases horrifying graphic and unforgettable that Keppel ingeniously taps to shed light on the darkest corners of the pathological mi. While Robert Keppel was a splendid detective and is a good writer I just want to take a moment to vent When I was a junior in college I had an opportunity to take a course at the U Dub called Murder To this day it remains one of my all time favorite classes Ret Det Keppel was co teaching the class This man was such a terrible teacher Seriously he was able to make Ted Bundy boring We got to listen to the actual interviews Det Keppel had with Bundy and Keppel s descriptions of what was going on was excruciating Okay I m glad I got that off my chest Sorry Det you should stick to the chasing bad guys and writing Teaching is not your thing

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Signature Killers review ↠ 103 Ltale identifiers their gruesome calling cards at the scenes of their crime They are driven by a primitive motivation to act out the same brutality over and over With brilliant detection high tech analysis and a little luck they can be caught But what does the signature killer seek from victim to victim The answers are hidden among the grisly evidence the common threads that link each devastating actSparked by a growing concern over the steady rise of signature murders Robert Keppe. Even by true crime standards this book is pretty nasty Robert D Keppel delves into a number of sado sexual serial killings and the result is a lot of young woman hacked apart by weirdo loner man casefile detailKeppel tries to give some meaningful analysis of signatures and how they differ from MO and indeed maybe his analysis was groundbreaking when the book was published but now it all seems very old hat To make things worse Signature Killers is really really badly written This isn t Stephenie Meyer for the love of sparkles purple prose bad writing this is just plain clunky flunked out of high school English bad writingHowever this is one of those books that I find tricky to review because despite all the ways it is nasty and pedestrian it was exactly what I needed to read I m researching serial killers and Signature Killers was incredibly helpful So am I glad I read it Yeah Do I recommend you read it Hell no

  • Paperback
  • 384
  • Signature Killers
  • Robert D. Keppel
  • English
  • 15 April 2017
  • 9780671001308