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The Perfect Stranger Read & download ↠ 102 Th But even though Nick can command legions of men with a word his orders go sweetly ignored by his convenient bride And as they come to know one another deeply she brings out in him things he thought dead gentleness laughterand lo. I enjoyed this historical romance very much Some time ago I read a glowing review of one of this author s novels I m not sure if it was for this book or another of hers and I added her name to my TBR list to try some time maybe When I saw this book at a thrift store I picked it up but I was still skeptical My skepticism dissolved after the first few pages I couldn t stop reading and couldn t stop smiling I finished the book in two sittings and I m definitely going to read of Anne Gracie Such a nice discovery I m tingling with anticipation She has uite a few books published already so I m looking forward to a pile of pleasurable reading material Like most classical romances this one is formulaic It starts with a bang Time one summer night in 1818 Place a beach in France Characters a young naive English woman Faith and a former British officer Nick Faith is escaping some brutes running along the beach The thugs almost caught her when a stranger appears out of the night and saves her After a devastating mistake she is alone ruined in a foreign country without any money or any hope Her prospects are bleak He is a former officer who can t see a woman suffering He offers her the only thing that could save her his name They marry the next day The rest of the story is their traveling together learning to love and trust each other discovering new hope and finding soul matesThe plot is not very important it s just a vehicle for the characters and they shine in this novel Although both are fairly standard she is soft and loving but with a steely core femininity at her best he is a deceptively rough fellow an alpha male with a heart of gold their interactions are full of humor interlaced with emotions The tension is high throughout the tale and the pace is as fast as any reader could wishThe narrative flows and the action feels like ping pong zinging back and forth across the book s landscape highlighting an occasional absurdity and often twisting in unexpected directions like bends on a mountain road The faint whiff of the ridiculous prevents this amusing tale from being too sweet and too blatantly sexual making it just saucy enough to make even the most discerning reader happy The only problem I could find with this book is a pet peeve of mine Nick has a dark secret and he keeps this secret from Faith This is a typical fiction device I would ve accepted it with euanimity even if I don t like plots based on secrets if the author didn t keep that secret from me as well Unfortunately she did and I hate such gimmicks It spoiled the book for me at least somewhat so I dropped half a star from my rating Otherwise an almost perfect romance

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The Perfect Stranger Read & download ↠ 102 They vow to love honor cherishWith her signature spirit Faith Merridew has left everything she's ever known for the man she thought was the love of her life Instead he leaves her name and dreams in the dust That is until she crosse. Here are some of my thoughts This is my favorite book of this series so far It is heartwarming cute and emotional It is great to see Faith grow as a person throughout the book At the beginning she is weak reliant and aimless By the end she speaks up for herself and goes after what she wants You can really see her try harder to be stronger Also she goes through such struggles in the beginning so I respect her even for it Nicholas is a solid character I like him I adore Nicholas friends Stevens and Mac Stevens is an old sweetheart and Mac is thorny but a good friend I do feel like while this book is my favorite so far in the series the epilogue is not as good as the others It s not bad but the others were just so good that this pales in comparison I m giving this 35 stars I enjoyed the storyline and romance and appreciated the character development Things that you might want to know WARNING Spoilers belowHappysatisfying ending view spoilerYes hide spoiler

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The Perfect Stranger Read & download ↠ 102 S paths with Nicholas Blacklock a Waterloo veteran who offers to save her reputation with a marriage of convenience And then get to know one anotherA hardened soldier Nick hides a deadly secret and tries to keep Faith at arm's leng. 35 stars 4 if it wasn t so blasted early Everything is a half star less great at this hourFaith eloped with what she thought was a Hungarian violinist because she had a dream that her True Love would make beautiful music Literal music not sexy time body music Nick is the war veteran who saves her from bad drunken fisherman after she finally makes her escape from the con artist life ruiner HE S NOT EVEN HUNGARIAN He proposes marriage as a solution to keep her from Absolute Ruin and also to fob off his mother who desperately wants him married Then Nick tries to send Faith off to England Then she follows him across the Continent THEN THEY FALL IN LOVE And make lots of sexy time body music and occasional literal musicIf you re a little confused at that overly plotty summation of The Perfect Stranger YEP ME TOO Your suspension of disbelief could probably span a river but if you can push through it there s a married strangers plot that s pretty delightful And I really enjoyed Faith s reassurances that she WAS NOT GETTING ATTACHED Basically I found this really enjoyable except when I didn t Some of those bits include the sudden and dramatic foreshadowing of Something Bad awaiting them after they reached Bilbao In addition the secondary romance feltrushed and patchy And then there was an almost supernatural resolution to the Something Bad that also didn t uite set up right I DON T KNOW I LIKED MOST OF IT OKAY

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