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Escape from Shadow Island Max Cassidy #1 Download by Paul Adam

Read & download Escape from Shadow Island Max Cassidy #1

Read & download Escape from Shadow Island Max Cassidy #1 Escape from Shadow Island Max Cassidy #1 Review ¸ 102 Paul Adam ✓ 2 Review On to the horrors of the terrifying Shadow Island in central AmericaEscapology is dangerous but not nearly as dangerous as real life The first book in Paul Adam's fast and furious Max Cassidy thriller series I did not have high hopes going into this book at all I think I actually purchased it new when it first came out in 2009 and it has just sat on my shelf ever since I finally decided I just need to get it out the way and read it because 10 years on a shelf is ridiculous This book is about Max the story goes that his mother killed his father However Max doesn t believe it he is determined to go back to the scene of the crime and find out exactly what happened What he finds is than he bargained for I was actually really impressed with this book saying it is definitely for young teens aka me aged 13 when I first purchased this book it was uite dark Although not dark for adults it is darker than anything else I have ever read for that age group I really enjoyed how it felt like of an adult book yes there were definitely parts that were aimed at children but overall it felt like a grown up book You can certainly see why teens enjoy it with the scenes and the plot it does feel like it is a book for older ages The story was really fast paced and you can easily get through it in a few sittings It may not be for everyone but if you enjoy a mystery story then you might enjoy this There is a daring escape and a mysterious island definitely something a little bit different than your usual mysteries Be prepared if you pick this up it is aimed at young teens it may not be your twisty turny thriller but it is really good for the intended age Read it with that thought in mind On that basis I would definitely recommend it

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Escape from Shadow Island Max Cassidy #1

Read & download Escape from Shadow Island Max Cassidy #1 Escape from Shadow Island Max Cassidy #1 Review ¸ 102 Paul Adam ✓ 2 Review 'My mum killed my dad then dragged his body all the way along the beach I don't believe a word of it'Max Cassidy is a teenage escapologist so good he's nicknamed the Half pint Houdini His father disappeared Escape From Shadow IslandWhen There s No Hope Of Success Why Even Try The next Harry Houdini The greatest escapologist in the past 10 years The boy wizard Max Cassidy has been described as all of those things but he has a blemish on his reputation His mom is in jail for the next 18 years for the murder of his father Only Max his mother and Consuela the Cassidy family aide know that his mother never killed his father This takes place in Paul Adam s novel Max Cassidy Escape From Shadow Island The story begins in modern day London when Max an escape artist just like his father is told by a strange man that he believes his father is alive The man presents Max a slip of paper with the digits 11138352 Before he can offer an further explanation the man is murdered Two weeks later Max and Consuela head to the small Caribbean country of Santo Domingo the sight of Alex Cassidy Max s father s last show Santo Domingo has one of the most crooked justice systems in the world This fact leads Max to consider the possibility that his mother may be innocent The tiny country is given a sense of foreboding by the sinister Isla de Sombra Shadow Island a castle once used by pirates and now the base of a wealthy American businessman As soon as Max lays eyes on it he is sure he will have to go there to find out about his father Will his hunch prove correct and will he be able to find out if his father is alive and prove his mother innocent Read this book to find out Max Cassidy Escape From Shadow Island is an extremely engrossing book because it is sprinkled with humor at exactly the right moments almost the entire book has an air of suspense hanging over it and it is filled with action that keeps you on the edge of your seat The fact that Escape From Shadow Island is an extremely engaging book can be seen by the humor that is sprinkled throughout the book at exactly the right times When Julius Clark the owner of Shadow Island is uestioning Max because he caught him trespassing onto Shadow Island the boy responds with sarcastic and hilarious answers to let Clark know that he doesn t frighten him One such tidbit of conversation goes like this Do you know who I am Max uestions Clark The Pillsbury Dough Boy with glasses Max responds without hesitation Clark ignores the comment and asks How did you get in here Max I put on my red cape and flew 232 He retorts The humor sprinkled throughout the novel lets the reader know that Max isn t worried about his abilities and never lets on about his level of anxiety However the author knows when to hold back from being funny because the mood of the story calls for something different This understanding of when to use humor and when not to takes the reader into exactly the right state of mind and leaves you unable to put the book down Secondly the reader will also be pulled into this extremely entrancing book because of the air of suspense it has throughout the entire story In fact the book starts off with Max declaring to the audience watching his escape show I am going to do a trick no one has ever attempted in the past 50 years There is a reason no one has ever attempted this trick in the last 5 decades It is uite possibly the most dangerous escape anyone has ever tried 1 This uote starts the book off on a suspenseful tone Max is going to do something that hasn t been done You wonder incredulously but he s only 14 Then you begin to wonder what this trick is and why it is so dangerous Next you think How in the world is a 14 year old boy going to complete the most dangerous escape ever one that hasn t been tried in the past 50 years The book starts off in that way and never strays from it Another moment of riveting suspense occurs when Santo Domingan police locks Max in a hotel only hours away from being executed If these examples don t leave you wanting to know what happens next nothing will This entire book is perfectly suspenseful Finally the novel is thoroughly engrossing because it is action packed Max is constantly being pursued by either crooked policemen soldiers or any other menacing group that he stands to hurt by proving his mother s innocence and finding if his father is alive or not For example after Max has broken out of the hotel where the local police had held him hostage he must escape through the twisting streets of the village He comes face to face with a police officer Max realizes that he can t overpower the larger man so he turns around and runs the other way Soon the pursuit turns into a deadly game of tag with danger at every turn in an unfamiliar city This excitement leaves your heart pumping wondering how Max can outsmart his pursuers and live to see another day in this foreboding city The excitement pulls you into the book and doesn t let you go until the final words In closing Max Cassidy Escape From Shadow Island is an extremely engrossing book because it is sprinkled with humor at exactly the right moments almost the entire book has an air of suspense hanging over it and finally it is filled with action that keeps you on the edge of your seat I can connect to this book because Max is really a funny and sarcastic person He s especially sarcastic when he feels uneasy or doesn t have much confidence in himself I do that a lot too It s like trying to cover up your doubts with being funny But I also use sarcasm and jokes in situations when I m not worried about something It s just who I am Max also does that so it s really easy to connect to him and the book in that way From this book I learned several things One of those things that I stated earlier was that sometimes the best humor is knowing when not to be funny I also learned how suspense makes any book better because it leaves you wondering what will happen as well as hoping everything turns out fine in the end In reflection I worked very hard to do extremely well on this book review Therefore I believe that my grade should show that This particular book review was difficult than some of the other reviews I had done prior to it This was because I tried to do a thesis statement that didn t have to do with theme because I wanted to have some variety on my reviews However once I figured out my thesis statement the review became considerably easier than I thought it would be I think that while I did a very good job on this assignment I could definitely continue to improve upon my conclusion I also felt that I could have tightened up my introductory paragraph at least by a few sentences This was a very well written book and I would give it a solid four out of five stars Any one looking for excitement and suspense should read this book

Paul Adam ✓ 2 Review

Read & download Escape from Shadow Island Max Cassidy #1 Escape from Shadow Island Max Cassidy #1 Review ¸ 102 Paul Adam ✓ 2 Review Two years ago and his body has never been found His mother is now serving a life sentence for her husband's murderMax's mission to learn the truth about his family takes him on an thrilling journey from Lond I received this book on Friday and was sooo excited to read about an escapologist that I started it right away and the story was so brilliant that I read it in a day I couldn t put the book down and I thought it is a fantastic idea for a seriesOkay so I might need to add don t do this at home for the kids and all thatthere s a disclaimer in the first pages of the book and I literally jumped to read what they meant I m one tough cookie that wayThe idea of this book is such sheer brilliantness that I have been jumping up and down thinking about it FINALLY we get to know how those annoyingly smug people who get cuffed chained and thrown underwater in a bag manage to get out of there when normal people like myself would just drown well I might be able to get free too you know it s not like I ve ever tried but I could be a fantastic escapologist for all I knowAnyways this book is made of awesome Max Cassidy is your regular 14 year old North London kid except that every now and then he goes on a stage and fascinates hundreds of people by getting free of cuffs and chains and other He learned everything from his father who was a brilliant escapologist himself Max s mother is serving a heavy sentence for allegedly killing her husband Max is living with his father s stage assistant Consuela and pays himself for his education with his work Life is tough but Max is a great kid and goes through this without complainingWhen he learns that there is a chance his father could in fact not be dead and that his mother could finally be set free Max doesn t hesitate and goes directly to Santo Domingo to find out what happened two years ago Max puts himself in the most dangerous position but he is not without resources thanks to his escapologist talentsIt is a fantastic adventure through and through and I really loved how uniue the story is Being in Max s mind when he does his tricks is priceless and you really get how the tricks work There are so many books on invented magic that we sometimes forget that the existent magic is a game of illusions and is as breathtakingly impressive as the imaginary one we can invent I really can t wait to read of Max in future books The book is written in a third person point of view and follows Max The style is fast paced and will make you stay at the edge of your seat during the entire book there are some funny moments as well and you will love Max s personality full of courage sense of justice and a good dose of attitudeFans of Artemis Fowl and Alex Rider will love this book there is fantastic action and the originality of the escapologist angle is absolutely brilliant since kids can always go take classes on this or go watch shows by real magicians which are age appropriate that goes without saying

  • Hardcover
  • 304
  • Escape from Shadow Island Max Cassidy #1
  • Paul Adam
  • English
  • 10 January 2017
  • 9780061863233