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[PDF/EBOOK] Borden Chantry by Louis LAmour

  • Paperback
  • 240
  • Borden Chantry
  • Louis LAmour
  • English
  • 12 December 2017
  • 9780553278637
Borden Chantry

Borden Chantry Free download Ú 105 Fair fight Then one dark grim day a mysterious gunman shot a man in cold blood Five grisly murders later Chantey was faced with th. Louis Lamour adds 2 things to all his westerns on top of being a fine story teller who writes in an economic easily read script of courseHe likes to spend time with historic characters places and events from those times andHe always like to make a suitably moral message which he drums in just enough to dig in under your sub consciousSo here we find little cameos for Billy the Kid Pat Garret Buffalo Bill and others from the East the town of Durango in Colorado and a famous old hotel or two Along with the True Meaning and Value of the Law All of which adds just enough flavour and colour to put substance to what is a very nice little murder mystery and a very satisfyingly self effacing hero Good for an hour or two s feet up reading

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Borden Chantry Free download Ú 105 E roughest assignment of his life find that savage trigger happy hard case before he blasts apart every man in town one by bloody o. Louis L Amour is a ok book the book at first is hard to get into but once you read of it you understand it This book is filled with a western style noble This book is filled with adventure and a little bit of mystery The main characteris Chantry he is a cowboyheriff He is young lean rugged and he has buried a few men in his cow town Then one dark night a mysterious man was shot Then five murders later Chantry faced one of the hardest things in his life Characters I enjoyed reading this book as Chantry goes through his murder case I also enjoyed some of the other characters like a lot of of the characters their are ropers and good ol country boys in it It seems like a lot of the stuff in this book seems like a lot of of it the things in the books seems like it has a lot of real life things like some of the gun fights outside of bars and some of the little fights that they had out in the country Plot The summary of the book has a very western blot The marshals name was borden chantry Yung lean rugged and he has buried a few men in his two bit cowtown Every single one was killed in a fair fight Then one dark grim day a mysterious gunman was shot in cold blood I enjoyed the events in the book the only thing i would change is make another book that leads up to the end of this one Conflict The major conflict is one night when a man died from someone shooting him and it wasn t regular for someone to be shot in this small town Everyone is worried about getting hurt or shot because they didn t know what happened to this guy that is the main conflict in the book What I learned something that I learned in this book is it doesn t matter how hard it gets don t ever give up Especially when your hometown loves you and loves what you do Something else I learned is that dont blame someone for something that they didn t do

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Borden Chantry Free download Ú 105 The marshal's name was Borden Chantry Young lean rugged he's buried a few men in this two bit cow town every single one killed in a. A historical western murder mystery sounded really good and I wanted to snatch up Louis L amour Audio stories so it was a win winBorden Chantry the young town sheriff comes back from bringing in a horse thief only to have a dead body on his hands Everyone thinks the guy is just one of the many drunken cowboy shootings that occur on any given night but Chantry isn t convinced when little details don t jiveI enjoyed following along as Chantry whom I connected with from the first sifted through the clues to learn who the dead guy was why he came to their town and why he was killed Borden is strong and capable but he s also vulnerable He feels the pressure of providing for his wife and son after losing his stock from bad luck and weather so that he had to take the town marshal position and knowing that his wife wants to move back east because she doesn t like this rough life while this is what he knows loves and is very good at He also feels the pressure of replacing a good man who was a top notch lawman and knowing that a few doubt he s the right man for the jobThere is an interesting philosophical discussion between the judge and the town banker about the necessity of a strong man who wears a gun like Chantry knowing when and when not to use it putting his life on the line so that others can live uietly safely and at peace that felt poignant to me in the face of our own day when its very tough to be a good lawmanwoman as wellThe murder mystery was a cunning one since the dead man is unknown around the area and there is little on him to give Chantry clues Many people he talks to know than they will say and he can tell The killer thinks Chantry is getting closer than he is so he has his own near death experiences including the hiring of a paid killer to hunt Chantry down He doesn t give up and I was rooting for him when things got pretty grittyThe blend of authentic western and the murder mystery were great This is definitely a western in flavor and I enjoyed feeling right there in the moment with Chantry the town and the surrounding western frontier areaThe narrator was a first time for me with Erik Singer I found parts really good and parts moderately good I liked how he told a story and found his sense of tone and pace were really good It was some of the western accents that felt overdone Sometimes it was just right or at least in my opinion while at others it sounded thick and ponderous so I was distracted I think I got used to his way of voicing the western accent after a time because the distractedness was gone by the end of the bookAll in all I enjoyed this book and am keen to listen to of Louis L amour s westerns particularly if they include a mystery like Borden Chantry My thanks to Penguin Random House Audio for the opportunity to listen to this book in exchange for an honest review