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Kasey Michaels (Pdf) The Beleaguered Lord Bourne – PDF & DOC

  • Paperback
  • 224
  • The Beleaguered Lord Bourne
  • Kasey Michaels
  • English
  • 09 March 2019
  • 9780373512140

Kasey Michaels É 9 CHARACTERS

READ & DOWNLOAD The Beleaguered Lord Bourne Kasey Michaels É 9 CHARACTERS READ µ E-book, or Kindle E-pub É Kasey Michaels Their all to please a man as well born well financed and well favored as he Miss Jane Maitland wanted to be wed even less than did the libertine lord As proud as she was beautiful she would never let any man ensla. I picked this up because the authors regency series was coupled with being like a Heyer regency It does have some elements and you can tell the author pulled some Heyer like themes for this story but it didn t measure up with Heyer s research dialogue and pace This author also writes bodice rippers and it shows in her writing even without her going completely over the line Heyer was phenomenal at romance without presenting too much I feel like too much is presented The character arch isn t really there It all happened too fast My other complaint was the circus like feel to the minor characters At that point it became too cheesy There is some witty dialog and light moments to read but the overall story didn t make me love it The second half of the book does pick up the pace somewhat with the greatest scene being at Covent garden with the fake french actress It has the best dialog and wit The author was heavily copying Heyer the most then But this author didn t take into a count Heyer s willingness to research time period to the tee and some things that happened in this book would NEVER have happened in the time period

READ µ E-book, or Kindle E-pub É Kasey MichaelsThe Beleaguered Lord Bourne

READ & DOWNLOAD The Beleaguered Lord Bourne Kasey Michaels É 9 CHARACTERS READ µ E-book, or Kindle E-pub É Kasey Michaels Ve her much less claim her body and woe to any foolhardy enough to try But now the wedding bells were tolling for them both sounding the call to battle for this militant miss and martial lord in the perfect mismatc. it takes the classic formula and mixes it with a series of pratt falls worth of the 3 stooges it s a wonderful laugh when you just want to get away from it all

READ & DOWNLOAD The Beleaguered Lord Bourne

READ & DOWNLOAD The Beleaguered Lord Bourne Kasey Michaels É 9 CHARACTERS READ µ E-book, or Kindle E-pub É Kasey Michaels MISCHIEF IN MARR1AGE The Earl of Bourne wanted no part of married life After years of danger in foreign wars he was eager to plunge into a campaign of Conuests among the long lists of London lovelies who would give. Yes this was a cute funny sexy romantic comedy set in the regency era and it s filled with the most witty and engaging dialogue between the main characters There was no great angst and all of the OTT drama was just a laugh out loud riot of good times The story is based on the old marriage of convenience that s caused by an ill timed and rather silly compromising situation The MC s managed to bungle the situation so badly that they had no choice but to get married They met each other for the first time after the heroine Jennie got her dress caught up in an animal trap The H Christopher hereafter referred to as Kit is the new Earl of Bourne and he s a charming rascally type of sexy H Kit is unaware that Jennie is the daughter of his neighbour Sir Maitland and like all rascally sexy rogues tend to do he gives the heroine her first passionate kiss during this encounter Later when he meets her at her father s manor for dinner he bungles the situation by exclaiming You loudly exclaimed the earl fairly goggling at the girl as the very air between them suddenly began to crackle Kasey Michaels The Beleaguered Lord Bourne Kindle Locations 246 247 Harleuin Kindle Edition The silly but cute and fiery tempered heroine makes the situation even worse and compromises them further by opening her mouth and responding in such a way as to leave the bystanders with little doubt that these two have already met Later on after Sir Maitland has a temper tantrum and threatens the H to do the right thing and propose to Jennie the H behaves like a sullen little boy himself You may as well have gone traipsing over the countryside ringing a bell calling Kit Wilde kissed me in the Home Wood Kit Wilde kissed me in Kasey Michaels The Beleaguered Lord Bourne Kindle Locations 269 270 Harleuin Kindle Edition I read this novel in just a few hours because it was that entertaining The H is only 28 yrs old and a former soldier who suffers from mild PTSD nightmares However Kit s not the broody and ill tempered type of grunty hero He s a happy go lucky type of guy who had been looking forward to his days as a rich titled bachelor during the London season in fact he had already been planning on all the liaisons he d be having with all the opera singers actresses and ladies of the demimonde It was so funny how sad he was when he realized that all his carefree and randy bachelor plans will have to end because of his marriage to the heroine But what I liked about Kit the most was the way he rolled with the punches instead of whining like a brat he always looked at the upside In this situation the upside was that his new young bride who hadn t yet had her debut season in London was beautiful and turned him on than any other woman he d ever met before Jennie was a splendid and brave young heroine She had a big witty mouth and didn t let anything faze her Her companion Miss Bundy and her clumsy useless maid Goldie were also fabulous additional characters The MC s are a bit young and don t know how to go about acting like a proper Earl and Countess but Kit is chivalrous and tells Jennie that he wouldn t expect her to share his bed until they get to know each other better This was really hard for Kit to do because he s always horny around his new wifeThere s a lot of funny misunderstandings that provide even greater avenues for laughter in this story One of these is the fact that Jennie sees Kit with a couple of courtesans on 2 occasions First of all I must state for prospective readers that Kit does not cheat on Jennie with these women In fact he is always bemoaning the fact that he is unable to feel any sexual desire when he is around these other women The only reason Kit ends up around these courtesans is because he spends too much time with his rakish bachelor friends and those 2 guys are usually in the company of such women On the second occasion at the opera Jennie walks into Kit s friend s opera box and boldly confronts the courtesan called Yvette La Fontaine Poor silly Kit isn t even enjoying himself and is bored with the way Yvette is hanging all over his arm While Kit sat mute in his seat variously wishing it were Jennie who sat by his side and wondering if it might still be possible to rejoin his regiment and die a heroic death in action Kasey Michaels The Beleaguered Lord Bourne Kindle Locations 1645 1646 Harleuin Kindle Edition Jennie doesn t know he s miserable and wishing that he was with her instead of with his stupid friends and their whores She s mad because she thinks he s cheating on her and so she decides to go and have a little talk with the whore Yvette the courtesanactress isn t even French and can t even speak that language There s a fabulous and comic scene that follows when Jennie speaks to the woman in French and realizes this the heroine takes advantage of the situation to insult the courtesan in French Jennie clapped her hands in seeming delight uite right mademoiselle she thrilled Then leaning down closely to the seated woman Jennie delivered the coup de grace Mademoiselle she said almost gently savez vous ue vous aver le nez d un cochon Kasey Michaels The Beleaguered Lord Bourne Kindle Locations 1695 1697 Harleuin Kindle Edition I cheered for the heroine as the scene continued It did not help Ozzy s sensibilities overmuch either when La Fontaine totally uncomprehending that Lady Bourne had just remarked that the actress had the nose of a pig only smiled vacantly and said Merci madame before sitting back complacently to push at the curls in her elaborate coiffure Minx Kit whispered in his wife s ear as he decided the farce had gone on long enough and it was than time someone with some sense took charge of the situation Kasey Michaels The Beleaguered Lord Bourne Kindle Locations 1700 1703 Harleuin Kindle Edition All of the sex that occurs in this novel happens in fade to black scenes but that didn t spoil anything for me because there was a lot of wonderful developments to read about There s a crazy cast of misfit minor characters who happen to be the new servants that Jennie decides to hire The heroine has a soft heart for needy folks and so she hires 3 former thieves twin 40 something yr old out of work actresses a pregnant unemployed teenaged maid a moody chef called Montague and 2 former circus employees a 7 foot tall black guy and a dwarf This cast of misfits provide much zany entertainment because of all the stuff they get up to Kit was a great H and a husband because he allowed Jennie to keep these unsuitable employees and that showed just how much of an adoring and kind husband he was becoming The misfit employees end up helping the H when it s time to save Jennie after she s been kidnapped by an evil former friend Kit s The entire rescue scene was a barrel of laughs for this reader and the villains definitely got than adeuate punishment I enjoyed the lighthearted atmosphere of this story It s fun to read a novel that keeps a smile on my face at all times even the 2 scenes where Jennie spies Kit talking to the courtesans The author is able to take scenes that would otherwise be filled with pain and angst and turn them into great screwball comedy and I loved it I especially enjoyed all the scenes with the misfit employees because it was so humorous to read the way the author wrote their Cockney dialogue The epilogue is filled with happiness and family time as the MC s are visiting Jennie s dad and the latter is ecstatic to have his little grandson Christopher to cuddle and spoil SIR CEDRIC MAITLAND was in his glory dandlying his grandson Christopher on his knee while his proud parents looked on fondly Do you like that Christopher the man asked the toothless smiling infant One day soon I ll take you riding to hounds with me What Kit asked feigning shock With your disky heart What disky heart his father in law blustered before ducking his head sheepishly Oh that I was only funning with you son didn t you know I knew Kit answered softly lifting his wife s hand to his lips Sir Cedric relaxed and decided to take credit for his daughter s happy marriage You d have gotten around to marrying my baby girl sooner or later I just helped things along a bit Kasey Michaels The Beleaguered Lord Bourne Kindle Locations 2507 2513 Harleuin Kindle Edition This is definitely a novel that will be on my read again list because it made me laugh and it s got all the best things that one expects in a romantic comedy I also look forward to reading the novel with Jennie s hoyden cousin Lucy and her boorish snobby hero in The Toplofty Lord Thorpe