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Amanda Carpenter [ Read ] Perfect Chance

Free read Perfect Chance

Free read Perfect Chance Free read Perfect Chance ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ng he had no respect for rules and regulations and cozy life styles But he was offering Mary the perfect chance for a lot of. One of things that attracted me about ths book was the fact that I could put myself in the heroine s place which meant that the whole story had a very personable feel to it It moved uite naturally although the hitch came a little too late was too hurried and was over before you knew itIt still was uite humorous in places The story felt like a real life encounter of a couple which I likeStill just for the sheer sexiness of the hero for some reason he s real than the other harleuin heroes and sexier wins me overI d read it again

review í eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ñ Amanda Carpenter

Perfect Chance

Free read Perfect Chance Free read Perfect Chance ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Excitement and she was tempted oh so temptedUntil Chance offered the most tempting challenge of allHe asked Mary to marry h. This was probably like 35 stars This story flowed differently from most HPs the characters said I love you far earlier in the novel than they usually do Then a cloud of an eventual conflict kind of sat over the novel because you knew they couldn t just spend the entire last 12 of the book saying I love you over and over they did say it A LOT it was a little jarring But the final conflict seemed pretty lame to me the heroine having a silly freakout over the hero s business trip to Washington DC on some baseless theory that he d be in danger there and the hero having a giant pout and refusing to speak with her before he left Of course they made up but I wasn t sure I was thrilled with the sacrifices they were each making so overall I didn t think the ending was great Definitely a readable story and different from the norm but just not entirely satisfying

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Free read Perfect Chance Free read Perfect Chance ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Take a chance on loveMary Newman her life was safe predictable and reasonably happy Until the day he walked inChance Armstro. Re Perfect Chance Amanda Carpenter s last HP outing is a perfectly sweet almost real world romance that really probably shouldn t be in HPlandia at all these characters are just too nice to really get into the whacktastic spirit of HPness Which is kinda a problem when you are trying to spoilerize this cause nothing major really happens Even the evil OM is just plain stupid and the most angst I got out of it was a few pages of waiting for the h to open her eyes and see how the OM really wasThis one starts with a local boating accident The 26 yr old very cuddlesome h is doing her residency in the local ER she is a doctor with a dubious vocationThe H a 38 yr old war reporter turned journalism professor comes rushing into the ER with an injured little girl they were all on the boat when two drunk teenagers driving a speedboat ran into themThe H is trying to order the h about cause she looks about 17 and not like a doctor The h puts the brakes on that right away and soon has the little girl sorted out and safe Then the H decides that he really likes this h so the H pursuit is on Which was pretty fast but the only really grating note was that he kept calling the h precious and I kept seeing Gollum standing in for the big manly HThe h is kinda sorta dating another doctor who is really a social climbing fortune hunter because the h s family is well known locally and rich at least what is left of her family is She has an 80 yr old grandfather and a 14 yr old brother both of the h s parents were tragically killedThe h has spent years working towards becoming a doctor she likes helping people but she isn t sure that the medical profession is where she wants to be She wants a nice faithful hubby and a few kids and time for herself to do herself The h realizes that with medical school an elderly grandad and a little brother she just doesn t seem to have any time for anything else Except occasional country club dates with her social climbing patronizing doctor sorta boyfriendThe H changes all that He takes her home when she is really tired after a 24 hour shift he roofie kisses her on the front porch which makes her insides melt then he befriends her little brother and her grandfather too When the H s fiery but very nice half sister sadly tells the h that the OM has been dating her even as he proposed to the h the h finally tells the OM off and it is full on roofie kissing with the H from then on outThe H was a little wilder in his younger days but now he claims he wants to settle down with the h and start on those babies she is wanting The only big drawback and it was a bigger concern fro me on the reread than it was the first time I read it was that the H wants the h to toss her career and cling to him like a limpetThere is a magickal unicorn banishing moment and a few days of the h contemplating things then the h is all in like Flynn to marry the H and set up the baby production factory But then the H gets a call and it is off to cover a war he goes the h doesn t like that one bit She doesn t want to be married and worrying at home she doesn t want kids that she raises while the H travels the world and the H doesn t seem to get that he asked her to change her entire life for him and the h did But the h changed her life because the H indicated that he was going to change his roving ways too now it seems like he is backing out on his end of the deal There is a little verbal battle and the H takes off the h dumps the engagement ring and goes and cries on her grandpa s shoulderThis lasts for about 12 hours and then the H comes back he did not know what he was thinking really He got the call and muscle memory switched on and before he knew it he found himself at the airport wondering why in the heck he was leaving the hThe H decides to be a journalism professor and maybe a news consultant for TV but he won t be traveling and he and the h are getting married cause they love each other madly We leave them with a mini epilogue where the H and h are hitched everybody is happy except the dumped two timing OM who is green with envy The H is repairing the original boat that was wrecked at the start of the book and the h has just found out she is expecting for a very sweet pink sparkly HEA and very just visiting HP outing We bid a fond farewell to AC as she leaves HPlandia to go do things as Thea Harrison with dragons about five years after this book was published in her excellent PNR Dragon Bound

  • Paperback
  • 192
  • Perfect Chance
  • Amanda Carpenter
  • English
  • 26 October 2018
  • 9780373118267