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  • Paperback
  • 516
  • Assassin's Creed: Renaissance
  • Oliver Bowden
  • English
  • 03 January 2019
  • 9780718156022

Oliver Bowden ´ 8 Read

Read Assassin's Creed: Renaissance ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Betrayed by the ruling families of Italy a young man embarks upon an epic uest for vengeance To eradica. Assassin s Creed Renaissance Assassin s Creed 1 Oliver BowdenThe first novel of this collection Renaissance was published on November 20 2009 The novel features Ezio Auditore da Firenze a man who seeks revenge for the murder of his family Ezio begins to train himself as an assassin and becomes drawn into a war between the Assassin s Brotherhood and the Templar Order The two secret organizations have been combating each other for centuries to secure an ancient technology called the Apple of Eden a relic which can control human minds Both groups also seek a vault in Italy which contains the knowledge and technology of an ancient technologically superior civilization 2014 1391 9786006225258 9786006225265 21

review ï eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ´ Oliver BowdenAssassin's Creed: Renaissance

Read Assassin's Creed: Renaissance ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Te corruption and restore his family's honour he will learn the art of the assassins To his allies Ezio. 3 Silver Starsfirst 40% was interesting Exciting I loved it I was obsessed if the story had been continued that way I would give it 4 starsbut after that Not so muchafter Ezio s vengeance then the story fell into a repetitive process that got boringIt was all reminded me ofmysterious hoarse voice You have failed this cityDid you get the referenceIf not It s an iconic uote from Green Arrow seriesNothing new happened for a whileit could be shorter if some events just mentioned in 1 line or 2 not the whole scene repeated with just different characters on the other side it didn t take long to read for meor maybe if you play like its game it still sounds good to you I didn t so It wasn tI liked Ezio the ending was wonderful unexpected the writing style as in environmental descriptions it was brilliant beautifulin action parts it was too much in some parts it was too little which made it too fast pace for example there was a competition without any dialogues or how the protagonist felt during that or anything else it was like it was a running race X won just in one a half lineAlso that too less explanations was a few in like escaping or rescuing missions I wanted to see how they escaped but there was no details that was a disappointmentthe world was awesome Italy during Renaissance I like historical fictions in here the descriptions was enough beautifulcharacters were the strong part of the story we met some famous real people too I was so happy when I saw them

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Read Assassin's Creed: Renaissance ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Will become a force for change fighting for freedom and justice To his enemies he will become a threat. If you like Assassin s Creed the game series don t even touch the books Better yet if you like to read don t touch these books either They are just the scenarios of the AC games with absolutely no input nor creativity nor depth from the authorAnd don t get me wrong I love the game it is written after AC2 is one of the best AC games out there the best being AC2 Brotherhood and I expected that a book would contain something other than a boring transcript of the game content I m still shocked that someone can sell such a thing in the book format So you have this amazing character Ezio Auditore You have other amazing characters that really make the game a very fun one to play to watch the story to None of this transpires into the book Ezio becomes bland and boring just like everyone else Everyone says something performs a task or another solve uests The collection of the codex doesn t make sense as a game uest it makes perfect sense the search for the codex is a grinding task that will help you make some in game currency and make you explore the universe However in the retelling of Bowden it s just that Here s a codex page Awesome Let s have Leonardo decipher that How did they know it s a codex page It could be any other page from any other book why do they all know it s an important thing but they scatter it around the worldAs I said some things that make or less sense in game don t in the book You have things like And he picked up 5 feathers by the end of the day which is plain stupid or if you want to see character development you have somewhere at the end of the book a chapter that starts with Ezio now a man in his forties blablabla Now seriously this is utter crap it s the franchise owners beating money out of the dead horse And funny enough the horse is not dead I bet this is worse than even the worse fan fiction imaginable It s a ten year old s view on the game he just played And it sucks Big time