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Mari Jungstedt (Pdf Kindle ePUB) Den inre kretsen

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Free download ´ Den inre kretsen ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Secret relationship she was having with someone on the island but is her disappearance simply a lover's intrigueWhen the body of a horse is discovered in a local farmer's field other rumours begin to circulate The horse had been decapitated and the head has vanishedAs Inspector Knutas begins his investigation echoes from Gotland's Viking past begin t. Addictive absorbing the Anders Knutas Crime thrillers are a must readThe Anders Knutas Series written by Mari Jungstedt and translated from the Swedish to English by Tiina Nunnally is an addictive nine book series for reader who are captivated like me with Crime Mysteries and Thrillers My review is of the entire series which I have just newly finished From Unseen the first novel in the series to The Fourth Victim the ninth novel each boast superb plots twists and turns and fabulously intriguing characters I have no intention of summarising each book s plot they each contain a brief summary inside the fly cover Personally I avoid reading the summary as I feel it gives too much away about the content of the novel Other readers might find the summary useful The publishers clearly think soThe strength of the series is such that no one book is better than another they are each a brilliant and totally absorbing read As with other Swedish writers of this genre the novels are so distinctively different from English and American novels of the same ilkThe series is based on the picturesue island of Gotland Sweden s largest island and the annual summer influx of masses of tourists makes for an interesting setting The capital of Gotland is Visby which possesses an excellently preserved medieval wall as well as most of the Island s native population and crime It is around Visby that the novels are largely centred The author Mari Jungstedt makes full use of the Island s variable geography rural economy and proximity to other Baltic counties in the books The Island s very changeable seasonal weather is also used by the author to good effect from novel to novelThe characters are very much three dimensional as are their lives and relationships with one another These relationships can become complex at times which only adds spice to the storiesThere are four main characters Chief Superintendent Anders Knutas or Knutie as he is affectionately known to some much to his annoyance Karin Jacobsson Knutas s Deputy Johan Berg Regional TV Reporter for Swedish TV and Pia Johan s very ambitious photographer who will stop at nothing to get the best photo or film footageThe novels can be read independently as they each contain sufficient information about earlier events to prevent the reader from getting lost However in my view they are best read in seuence to fully grasp the development of both characters and relationshipsThe variety and originality of the plots and sub plots makes this one of the best crime series written by a Swedish author Let s face it the Swedes boast an abundance of literary talent in this field and Mari Jungstedt is at the very top of the crop of their talented authors Buy a copy of Unseen and start reading I fell for Jungstedt s easy flowing distinctive narrative from the start and then ploughed my way through all currently translated books in the seriesUnfortunately the books aren t cheap to buy not at the date of this review anyway either in paperback or Kindle which is a pity since it makes them less affordable and hence accessible to all readers I was lucky as my local library had every book available to read in electronic form via Borrowbox But even at the prices uoted on you are guaranteed novels of uality And as point out the price is set by the publisher not themselvesA treat to read each novel is fully deserving of the Five Star rating I have given them I am certain that you will agree

Free read Den inre kretsenDen inre kretsen

Free download ´ Den inre kretsen ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub O trouble his search When Martina's naked body is found hanging from a tree with what look like ritualistic markings on her skin there can be little further uestion Someone is calling to the old Gods of Gotland Martina has been killed according to the Viking ritual of the three fold death and the one thing the ritual points to is that deaths will foll. Well this one was pretty grim Involves 3 murders 2 horse beheadings and theft of antiuities Did get solved thoughGotland an island in Sweden does sound like a place worth seeing but

Download ï E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ Mari Jungstedt

Free download ´ Den inre kretsen ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub 'One of Scandinavia's best crime writers no mean compliment in a crowded field' The TimesIt's summer on Gotland and an international group of archaeology students are excavating an ancient Viking site The camaraderie and holiday spirits of the group are shattered when one of their number a Dutch student called Martina disappears Rumours abound about a. I love the setting of this series and would love to visit Visby one day the photos on Google are beautiful The author has created an interesting cast of characters in this series and the books are well translated I found the details on Nordic mythology which underpins the plot fascinating

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  • Den inre kretsen
  • Mari Jungstedt
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  • 13 July 2019
  • 9780552158893