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CHARACTERS ´ Classics Devotional Bible CS Lewis John Calvin Hannah Whithall Smith Brother Lawrence Charles Wesley Corrie ten Boom and others will help readers reflectively meditate on God's Word A full year of weekday and weekend devotions in the form of stories reflections poetr The Bible Hmm how do you review God s Word people have attacked it scientists have expended their best energies trying to disprove it governments have butchered millions to kill it bu it remains For if their purpose or activity is of human origin it will fail but if it is from God you will not be able to stop these men you will only find yourselves fighting against God

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CHARACTERS ´ Classics Devotional Bible Devotional and spiritual writings from over 100 heroes and heroines of the faith are integrated with the complete Bible text in this inspiring devotional Bible Insights from the hearts and minds of Christians through the centuries including Holy shit literally This book is riveting It is a fictional novel based on the life of a guy named Jesus who is one badass motherfucker The book chronicles some of his totally rad and awesome adventures such as turning water into wine and coming out of a cave after he died Any lover of fictional adventure books such as harry potter will love this book It does have some slower parts but it picks right back up every couple of chapters the chapters are creatively named after people Also I learned a lot from this book It had some good messages such as how killing and being gay are wrong Happy reading

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CHARACTERS ´ Classics Devotional Bible Y and hymns are with the Bible text Summary descriptions of each major period in church history including characteristics special concerns and uniue contributions are also included as well as reading plans author biographies subject index an Note Jan 18 2017 I edited this review just now to correct a typoI ve read the Bible multiple times and intend to keep on reading it for the rest of my life I know it to be God s communication to humanity written by men under the guidance of His Spirit and revealing His nature His love His plans for the universe and for our salvation and the principles by which we should live It s a bedrock foundation of truth on which to build our lives