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Free download Tutaj by Wisława Szymborska ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Wisława Szymborska È 6 Free download Re chairs and sorrows scissors tenderness transistors violins teacups dams and uips Like nowhere else or almost nowhere you’re given your own torso here euipped with the accessories reuired for adding your own children to the rest Not to mention arms legs and astonished head. EXAMPLE A gale stripped all the leaves from the trees last night except for one leaf left to sway solo on a naked branchWith this example Violence demonstrates that yes of course it likes its little joke from time to timeNONREADING Bookstores don t provide a remote control for Proust you can t switch to a soccer match or a uiz show win a Cadillac We live longer but less precisely and in shorter sentences We travel faster farther often but bring back slides instead of memories Here I am with some guy There I guess that s my ex Here everyone s naked so this must be a beach Seven volumes mercy Couldn t it be cut or summarized or better yet put into pictures There was that series called The Doll but my sister in law says that s some other P And by the way who was he anyway They say he wrote in bed for years on end Page after page at a snail s pace But we re still going in fifth gear and knock on wood never betterHARD LIFE WITH MEMORY I m a poor audience for my memory She wants me to attend her voice nonstop but I fidget fuss listen and don t step out come back then leave again She wants all my time and attention She s got no problem when I sleep The day s a different matter which upsets her She thrusts old letters snapshots at me eagerly stirs up events both important and un turns my eyes to overlooked views peoples them with my dead In her stories I m always younger Which is nice but why always the same story Every mirror holds different news for me She gets angry when I shrug my shoulders And takes revenge by hauling out old errors weighty but easily forgotten Looks into my eyes checks my reaction Then comforts me it could be worse She wants me to live only for her and with her Ideally in a dark locked room but my plans still feature today s sun clouds in progress ongoing roads

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Tutaj by Wisława Szymborska

Free download Tutaj by Wisława Szymborska ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Wisława Szymborska È 6 Free download An exciting collection of poems by Wislawa Szymborska When Here was published in Poland reviewers marveled “How is it that she keeps getting better” These twenty seven poems as rendered by prize winning translators Clare Cavanagh and Stanislaw Baranczak are among her great. Keeping aside all the Tagore verses devoured and regurgitated in near by rote memorized answers in high school no disrespect meant towards Tagore but reuired reading bits of Eliot and Yeats and Neruda sampled in the last few years Wislawa Szymborska is the first and the only Nobel winning poet that I have picked up of my own free volition so far with no vague threats looming over my head of being chastised as a philistine I can like or dislike her as I wish to no English Lit students or academics are going to bay for my blood if I diss her on GR Now one cannot do that with Eliot or Yeats But thankfully I have no need for anticipating any possible backlash from besotted fanboysgirlsThese poems are deceptively easy to read and do not pose any significant challenge in understanding Szymborska s words do not leave any permanent etchings on the memory slate slipping away like sand grains held futilely inside a closed fist But they do leave a warm afterglow like the pleasant feeling one is left with immediately after sipping on a steaming cup of chai latteI breezed through this volume in under an hour wondering if I ought to have taken time to dwell on lines and tried harder to disinter buried meaning A second reading proved how redundant my effort was Szymborska writes with wit with wisdom with a childlike appreciation for life and its assorted uirks She does not play an unnecessary game of literary hide and seek in these verses She does not allude to Baudelaire or Thomas Middleton or the classics She does not imagine the world as a barren bleak wasteland or exalt artistic endeavour as the redeemer of all human barbarity or delineate the contours of the beloved s anatomy while depriving her of all vitality and agency Instead all her themes share a universality a timeless relevance that will appeal to poetry lovers across the spectrum of age gender and ethnicity She is gently sardonic mildly critical of war greed rabid materialism and the unruffled nature of everyday domesticity Wars wars warsBut there are pauses in between them tooAttention people are evilAt ease people are goodAt attention wastelands are createdAt ease houses are constructed in the sweat of browsand uickly inhabitedLife on Earth is uite a bargain Dreams for one don t charge admissionIllusions are costly only when lostThe body has its own installment planAnd as an extra added featureyou spin on the planets carousel for freeand with it you hitch a ride on the intergalactic blizzardwith times so dizzyingthat nothing here on Earth can even tremble If her words appear too simple to merit poetic immortality then the uncanniness of her thoughts certainly does elicit awe Sometimes in a distinct throwback to a Doctor Who episode she imagines a rendezvous with her favorite already deceased Polish poet and the comical conversation that might follow between them Sometimes she wistfully contemplates impossible scenarios like an awkward meeting with her own teenage self The conversation stumblesOn her pathetic watchtime is still cheap and unsteadyOn mine it s far precious and precise Or accords a persona to her Memory so it becomes a character engaged in a sibling like love hate relationship with the poet She thrusts old letters snapshots at me eagerlystirs up events both important and un turns my eyes to overlooked viewspeoples them with my dead Grief is examined as unsentimentally as possible the aftermath of the death of a loved one dawning on the mourner slowly but with heartbreaking effect A divorce merely becomes a trigger for a calculated division of assets and trifles memories shared years but strangely enough Szymborska does not lose her casually jocular tone even here Unimaginable as it is there is a poem on microscopic organisms Even the essence of a complex subject like metaphysics which constitutes libraries worth of discourse and theory is teased out deftly in a bare minimum of words A trite conclusion not worth writingif it weren t an unuestionable facta fact for ever and everfor the whole cosmos as it is and will bethat something really wasuntil it was goneeven the factthat today you had a side of fries There is a restrained kind of genius palpable in these poems At a perfunctory glance they may appear drab and uninspiring But Szymborska s brilliant but lucid thought patterns emerge on a closer reading some bearing startling new insight and carrying a whiff of some potent emotion too fleeting to pin down at once Perhaps she is not at her best here as Bloodorange if I remember correctly advised me against starting with this particular collection But I guess I liked this enough anyway

Wisława Szymborska È 6 Free download

Free download Tutaj by Wisława Szymborska ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Wisława Szymborska È 6 Free download Est work Whether writing about her teenage self microscopic creatures or the upsides to living on Earth she remains a virtuoso of form line and thought From the title poem I can’t speak for elsewhere but here on Earth we’ve got a fair supply of everything Here we manufactu. This was my first reading of Szymborska s poetry recipient of the Nobel prize she writes not how I would have expected but still so full of life The 27 poems on offer were not fancy in any way but retained a vibrancy that was down to earth and easily likeable Ingeniously written that it almost seems like she s whispering them to you as a close friend or relative sitting next to you with tea and biscuits It still strike me how she manage to express so much with such width and mindfulness in so few words I guess this what makes a great poet an instant connection with the readerAlthough the title poem Here was a marvel some others such as Teenager and Microcosmos were eually as good and on the whole while it s short the diversity and range of emotions she utilizes results in a fantastic collection of her work I think of other great poets who didn t exactly see eye to eye with the world reading Szymborska felt fresh something different from the poets I would normally read With a purity and crisp humor this was a delight to navigate through Look forward to of her work she seems like a worthy Nobel laureate

  • Hardcover
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  • Tutaj by Wisława Szymborska
  • Wisława Szymborska
  • English
  • 12 January 2019
  • 9780547364612