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summary The Scarecrows

summary The Scarecrows Robert Westall ☆ 3 free download review The Scarecrows 103 A nearby abandoned water mill But another powerful hatred lingers within its walls And it is about to be unleash. A very scary and realistic story by a great authornot for the faint hearted

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summary The Scarecrows Robert Westall ☆ 3 free download review The Scarecrows 103 In a brooding story about jealousy hatred murder and love Simon is outraged that his mom plans to remarry He can'. I don t think I have a favourite book of all time but if I did then I d have to say The Scarecrows I first read it when I was thirteen the same age as the central character Simon Wood and it had a lasting effect on me I recently re read it and found it just as compelling as an adult Robert Westall and this book in particular is in fact the main reason why my own first two books are in this same genre ie young adult ghost stories and with some similar themes He has been a major inspiration for me than any other single writerWhy is The Scarecrows so good Well for one thing I ve always liked ghost stories but this is so much than that It s also a psychological thriller and a powerful emotional drama Simon is utterly believable as the lonely angry and confused boy who idolises his late father and sees his relationship with his mother begin to disintegrate after her remarriage to a man he hates What makes this seem so gut wrenchingly real is that it s mainly Simon s own inner demons that are tearing his family apart and as his misery and isolation grows so the unuiet ghosts in the ruined water mill across the fields begin to stir grown in power and move closer and closer but what will happen when they finally arrive The fact that we re never told only adds to the chilling power and tension of the climaxSimon is the best thing in the book Westall did brilliantly to paint such a dark complex and yet sympathetic character But all the other characters convince too and in general the uality of Westall s writing is superb throughout clearly superior to most other writers childrens and adults that I ve seen since It hooks you from the startling first sentence to the rather abrupt slightly ambiguous ending And there s the odd flash of humour too despite the dark themesIf you have any interest at all in ghost stories this is a must read but even if you don t still give it a go It s so much than a bog standard paranormal yarn It s best suited to teenage readers probably not younger and adults

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summary The Scarecrows Robert Westall ☆ 3 free download review The Scarecrows 103 T bear the way she and his sister seem to have forgotten his late father Overwhelmed by hatred he seeks solace in. I loved this as a child and loved it today On the surface this is still the cracking ghost story I remember and it is still just as chilling At eleven I remember being too scared to turn off the light and the same bloody thing happened last night over twenty years later There is uite a lot going on in this short children s novel and some of the adult themes and there are a fair few probably went over my head when I first read it The characters are uite complex and the hero of the piece is a lot dark and twisted than I remember Dare I say it they don t make em like this any Or maybe they do and I just don t know about them

  • Hardcover
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  • The Scarecrows
  • Robert Westall
  • en
  • 22 May 2019
  • 9780140373080