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Fascination (Pdf epub) by Patricia Lake

  • Paperback
  • 192
  • Fascination
  • Patricia Lake
  • English
  • 18 April 2017
  • 9780373109869

Patricia Lake ¶ 1 REVIEW

Patricia Lake ¶ 1 REVIEW FREE DOWNLOAD ✓ M1O.RU ¶ Patricia Lake REVIEW ✓ Fascination Arts dominated her thoughts Lise was still emotionally scarred from a brutal encounter in her youth and she tried to distance herself from Jordan Instead she found him difficult to trust and impossible to It s always unfortunate when you read a romance in which the hero says something nasty about the heroine and you agree with him in this case You re beginning to sound like a cracked record Oh my does she everIt s even unfortunate when a shall we say less than enlightened romance draws attention to issues I would just as soon not have to think about too hard That is if you re going to have a hero who is very domineering and says things like Don t make me take you Lise Give yourself to me and You force me to force you it s really a terrible idea to pair him with a heroine who was once sexually assaulted Kind of makes it hard not to think things like And you are better than that awful guy who tried to rape her how At that Jordan is still appealing than Lise a wet feeble heroine who does almost nothing but shake her tiny fists and scream I hate you over and over There was a bit of drama some nice local color San Francisco Bay Area and the love scenes were better than they sound so not a total waste of time

FREE DOWNLOAD ✓ M1O.RU ¶ Patricia Lake


Patricia Lake ¶ 1 REVIEW FREE DOWNLOAD ✓ M1O.RU ¶ Patricia Lake REVIEW ✓ Fascination AvoidHome again in San Francisco Lise was amazed to find Jordan there too But the real shock came when her convalescent grandfather asked her to marry the powerful businessman right there in the hospital ro Archive

CHARACTERS Fascination

Patricia Lake ¶ 1 REVIEW FREE DOWNLOAD ✓ M1O.RU ¶ Patricia Lake REVIEW ✓ Fascination He penetrated all her defensesPretending indifference to Jordan Haves was too much of a challenge to Lise Holbrook's acting abilities From the instant they met at a party in London the wealthy patron of the Re Fascination PL leaves HPlandia with a fine old trainwrecky angst fest with a 21 yr old priorly traumatized h who is so sweetly befuddled that she can t see the trees OR the forest and a totally stalkerifically obsessed head over heels H that is almost up to Charlotte Lamb standards in domineering possession This isn t a nice book but it sure is fun to read in a totally non pc harley bodice ripping way The h is an orphaned actress currently working in a London West End play she was the product of an affair between her heiress mum and an English painter The affair did not last but the mum got the h as a lasting reminder and permanent estrangement from her wealthy family until she died tragically of complications during a minor surgery The h went to live with her distant business tycoon grandfather at age 10 but they have never been close tho the h faithfully writes on holidays and Bank days So right away we know this is hard core old skool HPlandia the h doesn t even get properly married parents We also find out the h winds up forsaking her grandfather s wealthy lifestyle when he pressured her to do the debutante circuit after finishing school the h wanted to head for drama school in England straight away The grandfather played the guilt card and she agreed to six months during which he tried to foist her off into any number of suitable matches At one party the h had than half a glass of champagne and got attacked by a skeevy guy whom her grandfather had been pushing her at She fights him off but she is severely traumatized by the near rape In a rare show of backbone the h packs her bags and goes to English acting school When she graduates she treads the boards of the London stages forsaking the wealthy life she could have had in America The h is happy but very wary of men and when the story opens she is going to a nightclub with the rest of her play s cast for the last night party While dancing with a cast member the h is arrested by a pair of manly eyes and tho she turns away in discomfort those eyes are stalking her as she makes her way back to the table with the rest of her partyThe owner of those eyes comes right on over and compliments her on her performance it is obvious the man is SOMEBODY but the h hasn t a clue Turns out the man is an international banker and also a big patron of plays and performances The h is still not feeling like herself so she makes her way to the lady s room She sees the lady accompanying Mr Manly Eyes and figures the Luscious Lam Lady is his lover She feels a little stab in her tummy but she gets over it rather uickly On the way out of the ladies she runs into an assaultive drunk and as she fighting him off she is rescued by Mr Manly Eyes himself He introduces her to his companion but the h is a bit tizzied and misses the introduction and cuts Mr Manly off by introducing herself pay attention here cause there will be uestions later The h winds up letting Mr Manly take her home after her trauma and when he does a bit of punishing kissing to the h s firm refusal for a date we now know Mr Manly Eyes can hereafter be referred to as the H The H tells the h to do as she is told and as she is telling him no he leaves and says to be ready the next evening at 8pm sharp The h has no intention of going out with him and she stated it several times but the H doesn t want to hear that so he doesn t The h is also concerned about the melting feeling she gets when the punishing kisses are occurring but she is moving on and doesn t want to think about that The next evening the h is entertaining a nice young man and they are planning on Chinese for dinner when the H shows up for his forced date H staredown and intimidation ensues and the young man runs off With the threat of punishing kisses over her head the h reluctantly gets dressed and goes out with the H They have a nice time and we find out the H started out poor and he and his sister had inadeuate abandoning parents but the H made good in the world of finance We also find out the 36ish H was married at 20 but she died in childbirth along with the baby So we stop to have a little sad moment and then it is back to the regularly scheduled forced seduction Except the h manages to put the H off with a few reluctant kisses and the H goes home after ordering another date that the h can fret about protest and then wind up going on so at least we know she will be occupied for the next 18 hours But before the fretting can really take hold the h gets a phone call from her evil jealous cousin pay attention here too cause it is an OW yellow alert The h s grandfather that the h distantly likes cause he gave her a home and all even though he never answers letters has had a major heart attack The h has to get the next flight out cause gramps is looking a bit iffy for the mortal plane The h rushes to San Francisco just in time to see gramps make his beginning steps to recovery with the aide of his motherly to the h secretary who happens to be a full service secretary in the best bosssecretary HP tropes everywhereThe h is pleased that gramps is going to make it but less pleased that the witchy jealous cousin is there and guess who she invited for dinner Yep we knew that the h wasn t getting away from Mr Manly Eyes H that easily but by the looks and sounds of things Mr Manly H is the witchy jealous cousin s personal playground at least that is what she says and she says she is going to marry him to boot The h is sad about that and kinda irked cause why was he with the Luscious Lam Lady and her own little self if marriage was imminentMaybe Mr Manly H is just a playboy cause the cousin being practically his fiancee doesn t stop him from making the moves on the h Then the real kicker comes gramp s outlook isn t too good and he has to sell his conglomerate He is selling to the H and that means the h is part of the bargain too she has to marry the H so the company can be sold and people can keep their jobs and stuff Yep we really are in HPlandia gramps is pimpin the h out for her own good that is AND so she will be cared for like an elderly cat prior to permanent pasturing of course Well gramps does want her to marry the H and the H is saying they have to marry too The selling the company info with the h as a bonus prize comes from the witchy jealous cousin She wants to make sure that the h knows she is just a temporary suatter on HER property As soon as gramps kicks it there will be a divorce and but the current lurve clubbing between the witchy jealous cousin and the H will continue to go on In classic OW style the cousin just had to add that in in the fine tradition of HP OW everywhere PL really pours on the tropes in this oneSo the H and h are duly married and the h s tears and shouts of I hate you echo from the pages That all stops temporarily for the obligatory forced seduction scene which turns into the best lurve club holding ever for the h Then the evil skeevy guy from the past makes an appearance at a restaurant and the h is petrified when he starts calling The H is going jealously nuts but the h doesn t see that and so when the Luscious Lam Lady shows up unexpectedly for lunch the h is wondering what is up Turns out Luscious Lam Lady is the H s actual sister she kindly lets the h know that the H feels guilty over his first wife s death because he was kinda poor then and couldn t save her or the baby The luscious Lam lady is also very uick to reassure the h that all the money in the world wouldn t have saved the first wife So part of the H s guilt is that he never really lurved the poor woman it was infatuation cause they were too young for real HP kinda love as no blackmail or forced seduction was involved and we ALL know that without those essential ingredients the love really isn t and the marriage would have tanked anyways This info now gives the h some hope cause she is totally under the lurve club spell effect and lurves the indifferent H madly at this point The h s hope is further strengthened when Motherly secretary to gramps who is now shacked up with him and retiring to Hawaii lets the h know that the witchy jealous OW cousin lied through her teeth It was the H who insisted the h be included as part of the buying of the gramp s failing business the care of elderly cat care clause still applies thoWith joy in her heart cause the H really demanded that she marry him and so must really like her the h rushes off in a big yellow taxi to throw herself on the H s tower of power Her potential ride is interrupted by seeing the H and witchy jealous evil cousin going off in a big black limo together Hopes are dashed and despondency looms cause maybe the h wasn t really wanted after all or maybe now that the lurve clubbing has been done the H is moving his own self on to a experienced and better party Trailing around the luxurious penthouse in misery the h is surprised when the housekeeper announces the presence of Mr evil skeevy guy in the lounge The h is trying to kick him out and skeevy guy is not getting the message when the H comes home and kicks him out The h finally confesses her dark trauma and the H is very understanding when he tells her he still wants to lurve club her so she doesn t have to be afraid of rejection The h is happy for a moment but then remembers the witchy jealous cousin was hanging with the H so tears and shouts of I hate you resume The H wanders off during the drama and the h follows only to see a look of anguished defeat cross his mighty broad shoulders and the H sadly gets into the double wide glass shower The switch finally clicks for the dim bulb of the h and she joins the H there telling him she loves him The H loves her back of course cold blooded international bankers don t go insanely jealous and snarly and domineering to sweet little befuddled h s AND make them marry unless they are totally in love and holding on to the hope that the h s faint response to his punishing kisses means he is in like Flynn in her little chaste heart So the h and H HEA it up in the shower and the H also explains that the witchy jealous wanna be OW was never a real OW he never touched her She was bugging him for a job when the h saw them which she isn t getting cause he loathes her and the h knows the witchy jealous cousin is still trying it on but she doesn t care any cause the lurve club is shaking the doors of the shower with the HEA in progress Abandon all hope of political correctness for all those who read this one but it still was fun in the old skool HPness and so I enjoyed it But as always mileage varies and the miscommunications are numerous and huge and the h really isn t very bright however she got there in the end and that is what counts in HPlandia