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The Cinderella Moment review ´ 104 If life’s a ball then Cass needs an inviteA warm and fun romantic read in which the course of true love doesn’t even come close to running smoothWhile off to seek her fortune Cass meets Prince Charming in a carriage – a railway carriage that is That chance conversation and the apparent good luck of finding a mobile When I first picked up this book at a charity shop I thought it sounds a bit soppy and i don t know the author but I ll give it a go But I was uite surprised It wasn t soppy at all and actually was a really good story To tell you the truth I couldn t put it down Very good

review The Cinderella MomentThe Cinderella Moment

The Cinderella Moment review ´ 104 Phone turns her whole life upside down But what if Prince Charming turns out to be the Big Bad Wolf after allA summer job in Brighton an ex husband who makes pumpkins look bright and a very unlikely pair who double as fairy godmothers when not on the pull or drinking themselves into a stupor take Cass on adventure which i A light hearted book with lots of twists and turns to the storylineLoved the whole story and the characters withinOne I could read over and over

review ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ô Gemma Fox

The Cinderella Moment review ´ 104 S almost nightmare than fairytale So when midnight strikes will everything vanish or will the real Prince Charming be revealedThis is a must read for everyone who loves a good warm romantic read with plenty of twists and turns who’s wanted to take a risk – or who’s answered a mobile phone call and wished they hadn I am a bit reluctant to give this a three some of my threes were definitely enjoyableThis was a uick light read full of unrealistic coincidences I felt like Fox wanted to tell a few different stories and tried to tie them together too neatly In some places it worked in others it did not There were points that were uite funny but others that just were not easy to accept I did not feel that the main character was fully developed The story revolved around Cass yet she is the one I felt I knew the least From being surprised and upset about her husband leaving to falling in love with a stranger on the train she did not leave you enough time to catch your breath From being despondent about a job and money to rushing off to Brighton Cass seemed to be a whirlwind I also would have expected professionals both police and criminal to be far less willing to jump to conclusions than they did in this book I do not think that a bit realism would have detracted from this book nor its potential to be funny

  • Paperback
  • 432
  • The Cinderella Moment
  • Gemma Fox
  • English
  • 09 March 2019
  • 9780007179923