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Alpha and Omega

Alpha and Omega review Ù 103 Hrey have been taken from their home and sent to Twin Falls Idaho But they have to make it back in time to stop their pack from going to war with another pack With the h. Read aloud with my second graders wouldn t pick this one as a read aloud again

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Alpha and Omega review Ù 103 Re live all of the fur raising fun of the hilarious Fall 2010 movie Alpha OmegaIn this funny and action packed retelling of the movie Alpha wolf Kate and Omega wolf Hump. I was in grade seven when the film Alpha and Omega came out I remember the film as being stupid inaccurate and unoriginal with superficial characters and toilet humor that trailer trash people enjoy So yeah it definitely wasn t one of my favorite films That being said I m not rating the film I m rating the writing ability of Rosenberg to adapt the film to a novel And despite the film s stupidity and that this novel just recaps the stupidity it s evident that Rosenberg did try his best to put detail into such a dry plot He uses larger words so it doesn t have the limited vocabulary that most movie novelizations have As far as novelizations go I ve read so much worse than this in my time

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Alpha and Omega review Ù 103 Elp of their webbed foot friends Marcel and Paddy these two very opposite wolves will attempt to survive the wilderness fur raising adventures and most of all each other. Alpha and Omega is easily the top ten of my favorite movies probably in the top five The book is no different and I was happy when I first got the novel The book is short to about 130 pages making it possible to read the book in forty five minutes to an hour I m a fan of the first movie so this was pretty enjoyable and entertaining for me to read The book such as all novels based off a movie adds another layer to the story telling that includes the characters thoughts and the inner reasoning behind their action If you have seen the movie the book follows almost the entire movie As far as character development go I would say that it is okay decent The plot although a bit confusing revolves around a sort of a romantic interest between the Omega Humphrey and the Alpha Kate It is sort of an adventure setting as well taking you along the crazy journey of the two wolves Overall I loved the book however I loved the first movie which makes this review a little biased I would encourage you to watch the movie and read the book but it is up to you