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download å eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ D. Renee Bagby

Eris Eternal Truths Series Book 1

review Eris Eternal Truths Series Book 1 × eBook or Kindle ePUB Menage Amour Mainstream Menage a Trois Romance MFM Interracial Time Travel Immortals born in the thirteenth century Lucien Riordan and Ranulf Styr have waited centuries to be reunited with their love Want for her cemented their friendship through time even as it tore it apart She changed their lives made them want better and they pl. voluntarily and honestly reviewed the ARC I received from the authorOh My God This is everything I love and MORE When I first read the blurb I knew I was going to enjoy it because of the poly aspect and time traveling romance Who doesn t love seeing couples fall in love twice The story was also a LOT gave me a lot to read to love to fawn over and be invested in til the very end I loved Eris and how confident and adorable she was Learning about her family and their own perks were just as great fulfilling my urban fantasy Another great thing was how it started and how every time something happened it gave me even to think about and solve on my own It was full of surprises and I totally cried than once reading this I liked the writing style I liked the drama and the plot I loved all of it Hell I bought the thing it was so good Who needs book budgets rightDefinite recommend you MUST check out

free download Eris Eternal Truths Series Book 1

review Eris Eternal Truths Series Book 1 × eBook or Kindle ePUB Secrets that could doom their relationship Centuries of planning have finally come to fruition Lucien and Ranulf have a short amount of time to make Eris love them because once time has her everything could come to an end Note Contains no explicit sexual language Contains physical violence against the heroine A Siren Erotic Romance. Eris Brue s parent s sense of humor in naming her after the goddess of Chaos hasn t been lost on her Prior to starting her most recently job cataloging the collection of two insanely rich reclusive clients she lost her cell phone her car died the tow truck driver had an attitude and the directions she was given by her coworker were completely wrong thus assuring she arrived late aturally she s anything but shocked when she finally arrives and discovered that same coworker has once again given the guard at the gated entrance the wrong name and she finds herself being escorted in like a suspect And of course that same coworker has grossly underestimated the length of time it would take to complete the job When she meets her new clients she tells them as much But unlike most people when their told the job will take significantly longer and cost way than they were uoted they don t get upset Fact is it barely moves thembut she does Anyone meeting Ranulf Styr and Lucien Riordan for the first time assume from their closeness that they re gay But nothing could be further from the truth They love women Or specifically they both love one woman and have been awaiting her return for centuries But when she walks through their door completely unaware of who they are and specifically who they are to her the battle to claim her versus allowing time to play out on its own begins Centuries earlier Eris dropped into their lives claiming to be from their future Problem was her story was not only unbelievable it s impossible But in the here and now they have to do what s necessary to claim her loveindividually and together Eris by D Renee Bagby the first in her Eternal Truth Series is a perfectly plotted deliciously complex story that delves deeply into how far a person will go for forgiveness reconciliation and above all love Ms Bagby smoothly melds together the past with the present while slickly adding in an element of mythology in such a way that s guaranteed to keep readers on the edge of their seats flipping pagesLike Everything Its complexity builds from one scene to the next and by the time you ve reached the last two or three chapters you re a slave to every word on the pageDislike UhhhI m sure there was something I disliked Nope nothing comes to mind Oh wait I only have this book in eBook format I ve got to get a print version of it to run my fingers over and caress lovinglyFavorite Scene Like potato chips I can t pick just one

download å eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ D. Renee Bagby

review Eris Eternal Truths Series Book 1 × eBook or Kindle ePUB An to show her that There's only one catch she's never met them before Eris Brue is flattered by Lucien and Ranulf's attention but they are her bosses She doesn't want to get tangled up in an office romance especially not with two men Their joint seduction overcomes her resolve and she gives in even though she knows they are keeping. As it turned out weird worked for her D Rene Bagby or simply Rene to her friends is an Air Force brat turned Air Force wife Born in the Netherlands she has traveled all of her life and called many places home Japan and in several states of the US including Virginia Florida North Carolina Texas California Maryland and Hawaii She s an avid world builder who loves torturing her characters on their paths toward happily ever after When not concocting new ways to give her characters a hard time she enjoys crocheting reading shoujo manga watching anime and Asian dramas or bingeing a series on NetflixRene also uses the nom de plume Zenobia Renuist and under that name she has written many successful book on eroticaRene enters the realm of time travel very successfully not an easy task and makes it both off the wall and sensually tender that she takes us with her on every page This book was first published in 2010 and this is the second edition She opens her book in the year 2009 and he casual way she opens her story makes us want to stay with her to the end Ranulf stared at the spacious climate controlled room in a thoughtful manner Beside him Lucien looked through the contents of a nearby box We need to stop putting this off Ranulf said Every year we say we ll get our collection surveyed and every year we find an excuse to avoid it Why do you want strangers tromping through our home Where does this whim come from I ve forgotten what we own Ranulf gestured to the boxes And can you find anything in this crush I never get past the first ten boxes before I give up Lucien closed the box near him and straightened He looked around the room then at Ranulf Fine I m glad you agree I called the company and they are sending a representative tomorrow morning to give us a time estimate and price Why did you even bother asking me I like you to feel you have some say in the decision making Ranulf threw his arm around Lucien s shoulders They walked like that back to the main house You ll be meeting with whoever is sent right Lucien asked shrugging off Ranulf s arm as they entered their shared office You know I will I know how much you hate meeting new people All we ever do is meet new people It s annoying The price of eternity We can t make long lasting friendships unless we plan to share with them what we are and why we are that way And then watch them age and die So the setup is established and we can move not the storyAccording to the synopsis Only time knows if they are meant to be together Immortals Lucien and Ranulf have survived to see the modern era to be with the woman they both love once Eually anticipating and dreading the reunion they ve vowed to let her decide which of them she wants to be with But are they prepared to let one woman end a friendship that has lasted centuries Eris has just started her dream assignment She s not looking for an office romance but her new bosses aren t making it easy for her to avoid it And right when she gives in to their joint seduction she ends up tossed back in time to the medieval era where the men she loves have no clue who she is What s worse they think she s the enemy The Lucien and Ranulf of the past are rough and dangerous Eris is doing everything she can to survive them while searching for a way back to her time But returning home means confronting an undeniable truth one that could end their relationship forever It s up to her to decide if her heart is strong enough to handle the love of two men and the reality of their enchanted existence Strange doings and very entertaining reading Leave reality behind and step into Rene s mesmerizing world

  • ebook
  • Eris Eternal Truths Series Book 1
  • D. Renee Bagby
  • English
  • 06 April 2019
  • 9781606018378