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Blair Enns PDF or kindle The Win Without Pitching Manifesto

  • hardcover
  • 144
  • The Win Without Pitching Manifesto
  • Blair Enns
  • English
  • 10 October 2019
  • 9781605440040
The Win Without Pitching Manifesto

The Win Without Pitching Manifesto Free read Ô 102 Mselves from their competition regain the high ground in their client relationships and learn to win business without first parting with their thinking or writing lengthy proposals The twelve proclamations were writ This is a GREAT book for creative people that feel that going into business is selling outIf you struggle with finding a balance between creating and selling your creations this is the book for you This book will help you rethink how you approach your marketing and sales It will reframe the stories you were telling yourself about how sales can be manipulative Also it will help you embrace the process by also disproving the typical belief that if you build it they will come Promotion is an important component in every business and this book will help you do it in the right way Flow 55 you can read it in a day or twoActionability 45 although it s now a how to book it shares A LOT of actionable adviceMindset 55 it will change the way you think about salesSome of My HighlightsIf we are not seen as expert than our competition then we will be viewed as one in a sea of manyWe are hired for our expertise and not our serviceAmong other things those responsibilities include the need to generate a profit above and beyond the salaries we pay ourselves It is from this profit that we build strength and create many forms of possibilities for ourselves and everyone involved in our enterpriseWe will not develop nor share with the client creative of any kind before the challenge has been diagnosed and the strategy prescribed and agreed toOne of the benefits we bring to our clients is the advantage of an outside perspective one that is not saddled with perceptions or bias or a hidden agendaPresenting is a tool of swaying while conversing is a tool of weighingOur mission is to position ourselves as the expert practitioner in the mind of the prospective clientIt is not our job to convince the client to hire us via presentation or any other meanseach and every interaction in the buying cycle is simply to see if there is a fit between the client s need and our expertise suitable enough to take a next stepOur mission is to position our objective is to determine a fitand we will never put our clients or ourselves in the position where we are prescribing solutions without first fully diagnosing the client s challengeJust because it is in the client s nature to lear does not mean he should be allowed to do so at all timesA good client will begin to relinuish control once he has the confidence that the expert practitioner knows than he does or has the tools to learn Making things and selling things are the two basic functions in business For our business to succeed we must succeed at both

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The Win Without Pitching Manifesto Free read Ô 102 Ten to inspire owners of independent creative businesses eg design firms advertising agencies to rethink how their services are bought and sold Anyone who sells ideas or advice will find relevance in their teachings This may be one of the most important books you will read if you ever pitch anything And I have pitched a lot Sometimes I lose miserably and this book can tell you why But important it is telling you not to pitch at all Much better First off a story it s supposedly a story about what clients do but it s really about what EVERYONE does In Aesop s fable The Frog and the Scorpion the latter approaches the former at the riverbank and asks for a ride across on the frog s back But the frog is not so stupid as to readily agree to this favor for surely once out in the river the scorpion will sting and kill him as scorpions do The scorpion protests that it would be silly for him to kill his carrier as it would ensure his own death from drowning The frog sees the scorpion s logic and agrees to the engagement Once in the middle of the river the scorpion does indeed sting the frog who with his last breath asks the scorpion why he has just killed them both The scorpion replies that he cannot help himself He is a scorpion and it is in his nature to stingYou keep pitching when pitching is just a way to lose and clients keep wanting pitches because they haven t heard anything better They haven t heard a great diagnosis of their problem and possible solution And often we haven t responded to the motivation but to the reuest If a client is concerned about their FUTURE and you are responding to TODAY you will lose I know this And of course there is the one rule that never changes every client reserves the right to change hisher mind until heshe parts with hisher money So even if you win a pitch it makes no difference until the money is spent or the deed is doneAnd when it comes to money or really anything stress is caused by things we can t control or things that are within our control that we are avoiding If we face up to them we can lose the stress Not as easy as it sounds but trueAnd last of all I love this one put discounts in writing Clientspeople will never give you credit for anything unless they know up front you are doing something different for them You may think you are out on a limb doing everything you can to make it happen they won tThis is really a great manifesto that I wish I would have read earlier

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The Win Without Pitching Manifesto Free read Ô 102 A manifesto of business practices for those who sell ideas and advice The Win Without Pitching Manifesto lays out twelve steps in the form of proclamations that owners of creative businesses can take to distance the This is a must read for any creative services company Especially in the first 1 3 years of business We do much of what the book preaches now 7 years in but it was a great reminder of how to operate and I still took away some good actionable items