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Armistead Maupin ( Free ) The Night Listener

characters The Night Listener

review Ê The Night Listener 100 Generous beyond his years But when this virtual father son relationship is rocked by doubt a desperate search for the truth ensues Welcome to the complex vertiginous world of The Night Listene. Knowing nothing of Maupin and even less of Anthony Godby Johnson I read this book without any preconceptions and enjoyed it thoroughly up until Pete s last phone call to the narrator which seemed to me one twist too many At some level this story reminded me of Walter Kirn s Blood Will Out in that both books explore how a minor celebrity with lots of emotional baggage finds himself compelled to believe an unbelievable story In this case Maupin s alter ego Gabriel Noone falls hook line and sinker for the story of Pete Lomax a precocious 13 year old who is supposed to have survived tremendous abuse at the hands of his parents and been rescued by a psychologist called Donna When Gabriel s former lover Jess and his accountant Anna start doubting the existence of Pete whom nobody has ever met Gabriel s world is thrown in turmoil At this point in his life with unresolved issues with his own father weighing him down and his break up causing severe writer s block Gabriel has let Pete become his new focus Against mounting evidence that Pete is just a very weird hoax Gabriel forges ahead and tries to locate the boy in snow bound Wysong rather than calling it uits or at least doing the rounds of hospitals in Milwaukee where Pete is supposed to be receiving treatment for HIV Maupin really knows how to draw his reader into this maze and exploring issues of emotional neediness and manipulation The one character I found disappointing is Donna whose motivation in making up Pete is never addressed

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review Ê The Night Listener 100 I'm a fabulist by trade warns Gabriel Noone a late night radio storyteller as he begins to untangle the skeins of his tumultuous life his crumbling ten year love affair his disaffection from hi. After reading the book I m not sure why the trailers for the movie tried to pass it off as a thriller it s not creepy or scary or anything It s a mind puzzle and a mystery but I guess Hollywood thinks its audience won t enjoy something cerebral they did the same thing with Stephen King s Secret Window its advertising campaign puzzles me to this day The neatest thing about the book is that it s based on something that actually happened to the author The copy of the book I have contains an article from The New Yorker that sums up the real life story which is pretty similar to the novel I m not sure how I feel about the plot device thrown in during the afterword in some ways I feel like the story itself is complete enough without adding this new layer and in other ways I feel like it folds right into the overall themes of the bookI ve never read Maupin s Tales of the City books but I m inclined to now after seeing what a capable author he is Even though the bulk of The Night Listener is made up of phone calls it moves forward uickly and never stalls

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review Ê The Night Listener 100 S Southern father his longtime weakness for ignoring reality Gabriel's most sympathetic listener is Pete Lomax a thirteen year old fan in Wisconsin whose own horrific past has left him wise and. I thought I knew what to expect from this book and how it would resolve itself because I knew that it was based loosely on Maupin s relationship with Anthony Godby Johnson the teenage boy who wrote the memoir A Rock and a Hard Place a book I read and which affected me uite a bit both when I read it and when I found out years later that it might all have been a hoax Lots of famous people were taken in by the possibly non existent Johnson including Maupin and author Paul MonetteI was not expecting just how Maupin s reworking of the story into fiction would affect me It hit me on a few levels The way his character Gabriel Noone describes his incredible connection with the young Peter Lomax which mirrored so well the relationship I have with so many teenagers the conversation Gabriel has with his own father towards the end of the book which I wish I could have had with my own father and how the beginning and end of the book come somewhat full circle and yet still leaves you wondering that satisfied but unsatisfied feeling I love and hateI listened to this on cd and had mixed emotions about Maupin reading his own work He has a clear speaking voice that sometimes sounds like the actor Michael Emerson a good thing and sometimes sounds like the commentator Andy Rooney not so good in my opinion Mostly though he gets to the heart of Noone letting him sound appropriately pathetic when the character is acting pathetic and giving him a certain uiet nobility when the character is in the right and the other characters are wrongDefinitely recommended Now I think I need to go watch the movie version

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