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Download ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ✓ Anna Politkovskaya Putin's Russia Download ê 109 Anna Politkovskaya ✓ 9 Read & download Oday’s political landscape Putin's Russia is both a gripping portrayal of a country in crisis and the testament of an extraordinary reporter‘A searing portrait of a country in disarray and of the man at its helm from the bravest of journalists’ New York Times‘Anna Politkovskaya is a heroic journalist’ Guardian ‘We will continue to learn from her for years’ Salman Rushd. 07 Oct 2006 and the author Anna Politkovskaya is murdered in the elevator of the block of flats where she lived This book is from 2004 At that time the West appeared to have a different view of Putin than we do now Politkovskaya wants to tell the truth about him She goes over the way that Russian soldiers are treated Putin s handling of the second Chechen war including a terrible incident when a Russian colonel raped and killed an 18 year old Chechen girl How a small time hoodlum can rise to be an Oligarch As you can probably guess he does not get to where he is using legal means This is how it is in Russia now you kill someone you get respect How Judges have to become corrupt or there will be conseuences as one judge will attest as he was crippled after being savagely beaten by his attackers with iron bars Almost nobody in Russia believes the Russian judicial system is fair Then there is the terrorist attack on a theatre Russian troops used gas and stormed the theatre killing all the terrorists 200 hostages were killedHer dislike of Putin is plain to see and she goes on to fully explain why There were parts in the book that I was struggling to keep up especially where she is explaining the rise of the small time hoodlum that became an oligarch It s not a book that I could have just sat and read in one reading I read it in bite sized chunks What was interesting for me is the perception of Putin then by the West compared to now Politkovskaya appeared to know the truth about him then that was slowly realised over the years by the West Unfortunately she paid the price for airing her views

Download ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ✓ Anna Politkovskaya

Putin's Russia

Download ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ✓ Anna Politkovskaya Putin's Russia Download ê 109 Anna Politkovskaya ✓ 9 Read & download A former KGB spy Vladimir Putin is one of the world’s most enigmatic figures This is his RussiaInternationally admired for her fearless reporting award winning journalist Anna Politkovskaya turns her steely gaze on President Putin and his early regime in this explosive bookFrom Putin’s tyrannical grip on ordinary citizens to rampant corruption in highest ranks of the government. Dated Very dated The discussion about army though not only Russian army should have been mentioned but the whole post Soviet block and its extreme hardships very well done and true but dated by about a decade Which is only expected since the author sadly was killed in 2006 Today it s gotten reformed even if not to the Switzerland or Israel standardsThe author s death is sad Extremely sad May God rest her soul in a world better than what Russia was in 1990s and early 2000s It was a very sad place with lots of violence lawlessness terrorism and pretty much free for all anarchy It has improved since a lot even though it s still not the paradise we all seem to want to inhabit Anyway people often prefer to criticize it outright anyway even though the perspective and the improvement trends are there and are pretty much obvious Concerning Putin it seems that no matter what the guy does people will criticize him for it Karma bitch LikelyThe urban legend says she was killed on Putin s birthday I ve no idea if it s true and don t care about it enough to factcheck But if it s true then I think it s the best proof that someone somewhere needed to make of her a martyr of the new regime of the Mordorous Russia Which is sad since democracy shouldn t kill I don t think anyone sane should really believe that ex spy would be this obvious about killing some critical journalist Seriously a birthday Some people should definitely readwatch less thrillersThe book was written without grammatical mistakes which is well enough to earn it 1 star In Russian I mean The English version is uite heavy handedly translated Very inconsistent fabula overall this reads as a bunch of journalist vignettes written on the topic of What else is wrong about Russia Let s take it out of context and twist it all beyond recognition and pin it on Putin 1 star since it s storytelling at its best and worst At best because for example I actually felt for the story of ex military Rinat who seemed to be incapable of having life other than in the Chechen wars army Lots of other stories also rang true and devastating Still this issue is not uniue to Russia and wasn t caused by Putin but rather by human nature We get easily traumatized by everything but particularly by wars So this leads us to a new understanding that this book simultaneously illustrated storytelling at its worst it deals with anecdotal instances without paying attention to the big picture Do we know how many ex military worldwide have these issues No we don t we don t pay attention to that What we do is love LOVE ADORE stigmatizing Russia We get our kicks out of kicking the underdog right All the while the only sane way to deal with this issue worldwide is not to have wars at all anywhere on this frigging planet we have the misfortune to share with each other Beslan Seriously Beslan is the responsibility of the jihadis who got there with all that weapons and explosives shit How do you free a school chockful of young terrified and brutalized kids their parents and teachers all suffering of heat extreme dehydration hunger and brutality Think 1972 massacre of Munich Think of all the hostage situations ever gone horribly wrong This was one of them Actually a bunch of soldierscivilians died saving people out there Chechnya How about asking where it got its weaponry and military training in the first place ui bono 1 starAlso how about realising that Chechen wars started before Putin He got to become the leader of a country in shambles and he s actually doing well to compare things just look at Ukraine where it got with its uh so called democratic leadersThe rest is a pointless rant on how Putin single handedly hasn t made life the living paradise for the good people of Russia Where are the action plans for getting Russia better for dealing with corruption and everything else 1 star I haven t seen a single word here of how this gal suggests improving things 1 star Criticizing is easy doing things is not What should be done and how these uestions have been left sadly unaswered When the Fascists entered Denmark the Jews were ordered to sew yellow stars on their clothing so they could be easily recognized The Danes promptly sewed on yellow stars both to save the Jews and to save themselves from turning into Fascists Their king joined with them c This very inspiring 1 star for thisThis political line is wholly neo Soviet human beings do not have independent existences they are cogs in the machine whose function is to implement unuestioningly whatever political escapades those in power dream up Cogs have no rights c This not so inspiring Where are Maria Butina s human rights in the US of 2018 The gal s getting treated like a rabid dog all because someone decided she s too active a political acivist and her libido s too oversized

Anna Politkovskaya ✓ 9 Read & download

Download ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ✓ Anna Politkovskaya Putin's Russia Download ê 109 Anna Politkovskaya ✓ 9 Read & download As well as Mafia dealings scandals in the provinces and the decline of the intelligentsia Politkovskaya offers a scathing condemnation of the President and his rule revealing a shocking state of affairs soldiers dying from malnutrition parents reuiring to bribes to recover their dead sons' bodies and conscripts are being hired out as slaves More relevant and important than ever in t. Ms Politkovskaya exposes several layers of corruption and malfeasance in Putin s Russia She takes us through the disastrous war in Chechnya where Russian soldiers are underpaid or not paid at all This would seem to be endemic to the Russian army where during the Afghanistan war the same corruption happened actual weapons were sold to the Mujahideen in order to make money The brutality of the Russian towards the Chechen population is almost eual to the cruelity of Russian officers to their own soldiersShe also exposes the corruption on how the Russian mafia has taken control over vast swaths of the country as in the Urals for instance It has taken over industries and controls the police and judiciary often by violent methodsPutin is attempting as per Ms Politkovskaya to be a mini Stalin He abstains from debate and appoints yes men Russia is regressing to the old Soviet waysThe Chechen war in now becoming a scapegoat for all other problems and a moral drain on the country but few overtly protestIt must always be remembered that Anna Politkovskaya paid with her life for telling the truth

  • Paperback
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  • Putin's Russia
  • Anna Politkovskaya
  • English
  • 25 September 2017
  • 9781843430506